NaPoWriMo/ early bird prompt

self portrait as patriarchy’s favourite devi


You landed a better deal, my abductor
Your ordeal ends with the flames
with a whole year of rest in between
Ten heads aflame but how proudly you return

Mine begins afresh, every second
is a new test. Though you have ten heads,
I bear more silly crowns
on this lone one of mine

Balance is more difficult when all around
fools and weaklings abound
Abandoning them all was what I should have done

To be burnt on a stake by your enemy
makes you almost a Jesus, taking care of the sins of
all around
Compare it to the ignominy
of being publicly roasted by one’s own dearest
That I emerged unscathed is no consolation

Sunk below redemption, I shall never return
I know I leave behind a race that learns no lessons

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