Reena Prasad | Chipmunk in Thiruvananthapuram

Chipmunk’s latest edition is a beautiful collection. Many thanks to Gopikrishnan Kottoor Sir for publishing my poem over there

Night Train Over Nila

The girl in the train at 4 am moves quietly
She opens the heavy door
Her hands grasp the steel handles on either side
Her hair is a wild creature
clamoring for escape
The playful wind makes her mid-thigh dress a balloon, rushing out when she pats it down
Standing in the rumbling doorway, she is light as a fleeting thought or a frail memory holding on to life
Her wrists clasped over steel, its blue veins rising

Over the Nila, there is a blue language spoken by earth
heard only when one is ready to abandon words
The hooting train is a blurry sadness over its waters
The night is speaking
The girl is still; listening intently
It tells her that the day can never be as beautiful as night
It promises to be always hers to summon at will

Years later, she will be glad
she held on fast
and listened only to earthspeak

(c) Reena R

Reena R. lives in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates . She is the recipient of the Reuel Prize for Poetry 2018. She has co- edited two anthologies and is a practicing poet.

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