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Taking Over

Thank you Mitali Chakravarty and Borderless Journal. Glad to be a part of the July issue


By Reena R

Taking Over

She lay still on the kitchen floor.
He came to see why dinner wasn't announced.

The girl twirled in a new dress in her room; the door locked from inside. 
The boy, intent on his laptop, won game after game.

Nothing moved for a while,
no one too.

It made little difference to them
and none perhaps to her.

Inconvenient as death is, yet it is a full stop.
An illness kills time, money and patience,
especially when there is no love.

The kitchen was washed,
Prayers chanted,
a homely enough photograph found, garlanded.

The next week, a maid cooked their favourite biriyani,
 stepping over the memory of the fallen body.

Reena R. lives in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She has co-edited two anthologies and is a practicing poet.



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Supreme Violations | Countercurrents

Thanks to Countercurrents for this space!

Because they couldn’t kill me before I was born they try to throw me off every cliff, into flames and push me into deranged arms Blame me for straying too near the edge Praise me to high heavens when I am defeated/broken/ dead Decorate my rotting corpse with candlelight vigils Call me their favourite warrior names for losing the fight[Read More…]

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Left Right Left | Countercurrents

Thank You and Binu Mathew!

You wave. The street splits into two The wrong turn is you An obsessed nostril sniffs out intentions Kisses are always political I want to stop and breathe out the years without you. The wind fleeing on a bird wing leaves me a feather The left is a body with an unwashed feel to it; It reeks of desire, of[Read More…]

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Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Three Poems by Reena R/Prasad

Thank you Strider Marcus Jones. Stoked to be here with Linda Imbler, whom I admire a lot.

Lothlorien Poetry Journal Edited by Strider Marcus Jones Poet – Publishes poetry, flash fiction online and in print periodically. https://lothlorienp

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