GloMag (February 2017): Edited by Glory Sasikala: 9789385945786: Books

Got a poem’Let Me Go’ in this stupendous issue of GloMag which is a print issue and will be in national libraries in India.

Let Me Go

When you sit with me on the bench, your arm
around my shoulders, I wonder
Will the sun ever cease to be?
It is a homecoming of sorts
The birds, done with twittering
are settling into a twilight made soft with twigs
Dusk is a tender stole
thrown over us, silently
The gold drowns abruptly
like a cold word in a warm heart
leaving us staring at an aftermath of glory
Could you slide your fingers a little bit down?
There is a sorry dream stuck there
-a tiny rustle of wings
squirming to meet a breeze
Let me go now
so that I can follow that bird
across the darkening fields
and to you, return
before it is too late


Move Out, I am in Love — Life in 10 Minutes

 I love you the way you wantwith no thunder and a faint, loverly light-a thatched hut’s lantern flicker to your fleeing night trainSoothing kohl in my eyes as I work my way up from the floorto reach for my prizeYour smoke rings swirl right through my lips, slightly partedto complete the

Source: Move Out, I am in Love — Life in 10 Minutes

aukcontraire | NO/WHERE

“AUK CONTRAIRE is a semi-quarterly zine published through The Auk’s Roost. Featuring poetry, art, essays, stories, comics, activity pages, music, video, recipes, and a whole lot of collages”
Feels great to have two poems in ISSUE 3, Theme: no/where
PAGES 32 and 51
Check out the entire Zine. Amazing collages ❤
The print issue was released on August 12th, 2017

Source: aukcontraire | NO/WHERE


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