Aroma of love


Aroma of fresh coffee
assumes its vital role
as a replacement for irresistible love
diffusing effortlessly in between moments
when a conversation ceases awkwardly
reminding of something that was alive once
but cannot be bothered to be
unearthed from its grave now
The creamy one turns away
from the richly bitter steam of the black twin
quelling a ‘two half empty cups under the bed’ nostalgia
when drunken lips rubbed, arched and were eaten
in froth-less silence
©Reena Prasad




C             O             ∫            ∫          E           E    

∫                        ∫                        ∫                         ∫                          ∫

The trees in the picture appear slanting~~~~the frame dangles at an odd angle
the wall has slipped sideways~ the room oscillates mildly
I clutch at the coffee mug, drain the steaming brew
soaking in its warmth, comfort and aroma
Suddenly the trees are upright again
©Reena Prasad 26th jan 2013