In The Sandbox With Dr. Ampat Koshy: The death of poetry

In The Sandbox With Dr. Ampat Koshy. A superb piece to crunch and munch upon at the Plum Tree once again. Fully recommended – the writings /poems of  Robert Kroetsch

Should we be discussing  if poetry is dead
or is it enough to bring down a flower from a tree
and stare at it till it relents
to become strands of squeezed colour
stacked horizontally or failing that
vertically till the column
a free fall of gravity ?
Poetry hooks us when we are weak
and chokes us when we think we are strong
so is it dead
Is it only a ghost that drags us into its annals?
How powerful it is in death!
How much more if it breathes ?

The Wednesday Corner With Fycsene Shields | On The Plum Tree

The Wednesday Corner With Fycsene Shields | On The Plum Tree.

Thrilled to have Niamh’s Wednesday corner back and with a bang with an awesome, tender and healing post by Fycsene Shields. Her words have expressed with great sensitivity why art heals seen and unseen wounds. Her loss is shared by all of us for there is none in this world who doesn’t weep. A beautiful poem by her late husband captures the soul of her feelings. The feel of this post will stay with me somewhere even when as the  actual words are lost to passing time. An attempt to keep them near for a little more is what this share is trying to do! Thank you Fycsene and Niamh.

In The Sandbox With Dr. Koshy

In The Sandbox With Dr. Koshy.
Isn’t this exciting!! Feel the passion and the electricity crackling as Dr Koshy, Dr. Niamh Clune and Alan Patrick Traynor set a fireball rolling as  they discuss Beckett and poetry especially in Irish veins. Also check out a powerful stunner of a poem from Alan along with a masterpiece of grace from Samuel Beckett. How I love this Plum Tree forest where poems and poets get together and pluck the plumpest plums!

In The Sandbox With Dr Koshy.

Such a grave topic yet Dr Koshy draws a sensitive portrait of the despair and helplessness, the misery of the soul. Suicidal tendencies, guilt, depression- all so common among this generation caught between art and monetary pursuits, between creativity and duty that for artists it is almost an occupational hazard.. Some drink the poison and survive, some don’t. A sensitive article.. one that gives courage that one can depend on past experiences of the ones before us, their words can help and heal, poems can be therapeutic to read and moreover if one can write about one’s innermost fears and insecurities, those words could help a kindred soul to tide over a weak moment too.

In The Sandbox With Dr Koshy..