The Browsing Corner- 2nd anniversary issue. Sept 2013

Very happy to have a short story “John and Arunachalam” included in this lovely 2nd anniversary issue of The Browsing Corner. Many thanks to Minakshi Watts for a great compilation of poems, stories, video poems etc and for giving my story a super platform. Each piece is a gem that delights!
Link to my story ” JOHN and ARUNACHALAM”

In Our Own Words Anthology

In Our Own Words by Poets with Voices Strong and Friends: Poetry | Blurb Books.

My poem ‘Nests’ is on page 105. Do read the free preview of the entire anthology and buy if possible. A unique work by Brian Wrixon and Poets with voices strong group where each poem is in what the poet considers as his or her signature style. My heart felt thanks to Brian Wrixon for this book and his passion and commitment to poetry.

The Camel Saloon-Editor’s Choices for December 2012 published.

My poem ‘Flowering nights’ features in the Editor’s pick of the best poems  and  can be viewed at The Second Hump, Volume III,
Mr Russell Streur’s e-mail intimation is reproduced below.

Dear Saloonatics:

It is the nature of web publishing for work to quickly fall off main pages and into archival wildernesses after a short period of time.  To delay this lamentable fate, I have established a companion site to the Saloon to hold in cyberspace certain works on a more permanent basis.  The Second Hump, published on a monthly basis and as an annual volume, is composed of my personal favorites of the selections I have received or posted at the Saloon in the last passing of the moon.

For December  of 2012, my choices for this edition of The Second Hump are:

Brackish Street by Rachel Lauren

Hands by Sarah E. Alderman

Flowering nights by Reena Prasad

Metallica Records Its Debut Album in Rochester, NY, May 1983 by Daniel M. Shapiro

Mourning the lost poems of an unknown poet / Hurt- spoken to Vincent by A.V. Koshy

Ultraviolet by Rebecca Gomezrueda

These works can be viewed at The Second Hump, Volume III,

Makes one feel good and warm in this icy desert winter !

-Reena Prasad

2 Phases : 50 Poems- casting a spell on poetry lovers.

2 phases
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~~~Why I love this collection~~~

The authors of the book 2 phases: 50 poems, published by Brian Wrixon, Dr A. V Koshy and Gorakhnath Gangane say in the afterword “ both of us love poetry purely for its own sake, for the aesthetic pleasure creating it gives us” –a quintessential reason why one must write . They also tell us “ We let our understanding of what poetry means define itself through our writing” Having read these lines first, even though they belong to the afterword, I could barely contain my excitement of getting down to the actual poems. 25 poems later, I come to the conclusion that Dr AV Koshy’s poems are startlingly original, written with an effortless mastery over the language, form and appear as a natural expression of the poet’s experience of the world. There is no attempt to consciously enforce a form or a particular style ; rather an image of a sensitive poet and an extensively well-read man emerges from his poems. The poetic experiments have come off only too well. Exquisite poems such as “ The girl in the moon” “Dusk,” ”when musanda..” and “Words can’t express” charm with their innate beauty and softness. Loss and sadness are recurring themes but expressed with wisdom and devoid of any ‘flowery’ sentimentalism (A wonderful thing to learn for all budding writers), but yet at times giving the impression that the poet has bled on paper.
“Suddenly one day just like that” is one of my personal favourites in this collection. The last poem is “I did not find you in mandir or masjid” and I think if one does not find what one seeks from poetry in Dr Koshy’s work, there is little chance of hoping to find it elsewhere.
It is with a pleasurable sensation of having participated in a journey that I come to the end of the first 25 poems. Dr A.V Koshy succeeds in putting his poems into the head of readers and making his words stay there as also in inspiring them to better their own work through an understanding of what constitutes fine poetry. I am privileged to have read this collection.
Reading Gorakhnath Gangane’s poems jerks you out of your comfort zones but in a good way as he sets out to draw brilliant, raw and ‘honest to the core’ images in most of his poems. The topics of love, sex and the exploration of these themes has been done in an extremely visual and bold way. He can fire up and cool the reader’s emotions with unassuming yet masterly strokes and he proceeds to do just that in poems like “Carnal flow” ,“Foreplay” and “Wild”. There is a sense of urgency and images of yearning and loss ripple throughout the poems. “ Dog in the rain” is a delightful poem that gives the reader an impression of being seated with the poet on a sofa and watching a stray. A matter-of- fact or / resigned tone runs through some of the poems like in “A child is born” and “The soul” . A sense of inevitability hangs over many of the well written poems and even over the romantic ones lending a deeper atmosphere of pathos to them.
A great collection from this young poet Gorakhnath Gangane. His brilliance and promise in all the 25 poems here is to me like an impatient tiger pacing back and forth waiting for the cage door to be opened. Looking forward to reading his next collection soon.
© Reena Prasad  reviewed on 8th Jan 2013.

Winter rain

Rain in Sharjah
Rain in Sharjah
Rain drops on window panes, sliding down till they burst into millions of smaller droplets. A pigeon sits all fluffed up to combat the cool breeze. Winter has arrived overnight, transforming the landscape completely. A pale sun peeps from behind the dark masses of clouds as they form a fleece blanket around him. The floor is icy cold, so is the sofa railing. Despite having plugged and sealed all crevices in a bid to keep summer from leaving, winter has ambled in nonchalantly adding lots of zest and freshness to cosy, complacent lives. Proper rains after two whole years ! We are celebrating here!


A book to be read, re-read and cherished

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“A Treatise on Poetry for Beginners ” is the book written by Dr Ampat Koshy, a person immensely in love with the beauty of words , a superb poet and writer , a teacher who inspires by example.

 Highly recommended for anyone who loves to read and write poetry , equally interesting and beneficial for established poets as well as beginners or anyone who likes a great read. A book to watch out for, to buy and keep, to gift and to cherish

Plan B- A short story

Plan B


He did not feel well after last night’s party. Lately he had been off-colour and so had decided to work from home. Low energy levels and early morning headaches were tiring him out. Ron turned the yellowing pages of his wife’s diary once again. There was a date on the first page-October 7th 1984. He squinted as the sun came out of the clouds, flashing through the window, and tried to remember how old he had been in 1984.. Around 15 , he concluded, massaging his temples, trying to get rid of the nagging ache.That made Sara merely 11.

He wondered about her eccentricities. At 11, other girls would still be playing with doll houses. But this was Sara. Writing about her future at 11. He read the clear scrawl once more.

Study hard

Get a job with lots of money

Buy a big house

Put lots of money in the piggy bank

Quit job

Live alone

Spend money.


Ron dozed off with the sun streaming all over his desk. He woke a bit later with a stiff neck. Looking out of the window, he saw Sara watering the dahlias. She saw him watching her and turned towards him. There was no smile on her pale face, rather a bleakness. He wondered if she was ever happy. He had given her everything which he felt she needed and so he supposed that she was a melancholic type, anyway she never did complain of lacking anything. Funnily enough, it was her quiet demeanor which he had liked about her in the first place.

He went back to his files and by the time he finished, she was no longer in the garden and the headache had matured into an ogre that could no longer be sidelined, his eyes starting to see double.

“Sara”-he called out to her, “Will you come for a minute? ”  He could hear the pattering of her bare feet as she came flying down the hall. Funny, he wryly smiled. He had never seen her running, She was usually a gentle treader.”What? She was panting.

“Get me a couple of pills, will you?, the ones you gave me yesterday. Those were good. Ron asked grimacing as the pain shot up in intensity. As he said those words, he saw a smile start somewhere in her face. he glared at her and felt the room spinning. She reached out towards him but her hands went towards his table, to her diary. She was laughing now as he collapsed on to the floor in a sitting position. Horror raced through his shaking limbs as he read the blurring words on the last page she was holding up for him.

The same 11 year-old’s scrawl!

Plan B

He gasped as he recalled the scorpion in his boots, the gun-shot that had grazed his neck, the bout of food poisoning that nearly killed him a few months back ..and he could no longer think for his grey cells had turned utterly black pulling him into oblivion.

Sara waited till she was sure he wasn’t breathing any more. She tore out the last page, crumpled it and put it in her apron pocket. Not touching anything in his room, she dialled the police from the living room phone. On her way out to unlock the garden gate, she threw the crumpled piece into the duck pond. Then she washed her hands and sat down on the steps to wait with a contented sigh.
How she loved this house!
Even as a child, she had never liked to share.