NaPoWriMo 9 : Cul-de-sac



How cruel I feel
when you let go of the rigid jawline
in the softness of sleep
Your cheek curving up in a dream
Your chin prickly
tattooing an imprint
on my arm
You forget that deplorable vow
of willful insouciance
and breathe your wants into my skin

Cruel because I am awake
able to decipher your body language-
hieroglyphics that conceal
dust devils of unspoken emotions
so formidable that it
latches on as blotches to my retina

and you sleep in a cul-de-sac of dreams
while I quietly transfer the ripples
your warmth evokes in me
dissolving the last resistance
of lazily erected billboards of protest
to the scattered vermillion
being sprinkled over the quiet blue sky
signaling the turn of our love-street
into yet another cup-de-sac day

where you will measure and weigh
every word and gesture
before you let me have a peep
but till then
let me gather you in and sleep
©Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 8 : Déjà vu

flam 4
Flamingoes@Al Mughsail Beach, Salalah                         Pic Credits : Reenaprasad

Déjà vu

You were not him, not even similar

You did not have a whirlwind
trapped under your skin
not did your smile
crack open the sky

You came soft and slow
your words undeniably mellow
I was on absolute guard
a cat on hot coals
looking out for the signs I knew so well
The smell of trust being burger-ed
and the tell-tale aroma of over cooked love

He left a name and that was about all
You swept through me

a storm without a name
Yet the aftermath whispers
“Déjà vu”

©Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 3 : Serendipity

Grey Heron Salalah, Oman ©Reena Prasad



We open a book in different lands
and find each other in its pages
which fade as we explore
The black markings losing their sheen
moving to the sides
and falling off the book gradually
so we write a story

A new font telling the oldest tale of all
Or a new tale in the oldest font of all
One we wrote centuries ago
one that never fades from our veins
One that we remember every time
the world throws us together
One we will still write
someday, someplace
when this book closes upon us
One story
for each time we lose
and then find each other
Always the same one
©Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 2 : Nymphea

Water lily ©Reenaprasad



Once a water nymph, too tired to float
Slept and sunk down to the rocks
and rose with an unquenchable thirst
dreaming the sun had fallen into her folds

She glowed, her blue turning luminescent
The waters around her irresistibly iridescent
The sun too slept in that depths of her dream
Did he slip or was deliberate his descent?

The blue nymph zealous upon guarding her gold
Proudly displayed her catch to one and all
As dusk fell, she trusted none and grew her own leaves
And sunk again beneath the water, the gold folded away safely

They call her Nymphea, a water lily that glows
Unaware that she captured her gold in a dream
One so bright that it rivals the sun’s own rays
A dream in blue with jacanas on her gold-tinted leaves

Do we too not beam in our dreams
carry the secret glow for hours afterwards
and sink below the surface of sleep after dusk
to retrieve the gold that we found in our deeps?

© Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 30 The Lost Art Of Solitude

NaPoWriMo 30

The Lost Art Of Solitude

She chases away the pigeons from the window sill
weeds out tiny plants growing in the tomato’s shade
complains about the sun being hot
and the wind chilly
but hates it equally if they are not
Shoos away
playful cats, kids and any novel ideas
The vegetables, never fresh enough for her
nor the cooking ever to her taste
She grumbles of how books take up space
and sneezes whenever her grandchild plays with
magical dust beams streaming in from the window
The rain seems to always rub her the wrong way
whether it falls or not

The television is the brainiest of all
never stopping its chatter
giving her no time to open her grumble box

She doesn’t know/like herself much
never having made time to sit and have a coffee
with herself
and to make peace with the things
she cannot change

Frightened of the ‘noise’ of solitude
she tries to drown its insistent silence
with words several decibels higher
for as she ages
all the shooing works
and she is left in peace by all
leaving her no choice
but to listen to the incessant pounding
of a strange heart

Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 28 Deceptive

NaPoWriMo 28


We live
slicing life
into chunks of presumptions
of what each time frame might fetch

A finite number of years to play
a few for forgetting the joys of it
some to be selfish and selfless
all at once – call it love
a few for moving on
a stretch of mere subsistence
ignoring clouds that hang around
waiting in vain
to take the shape of imaginations
and soon despair settles in
like dust over cities at dusk

Deceptions galore
The way we give up on seasons
before they flower
The way we let life go gray
blindly telescoping into each other
ignoring life spilling all over the place
trespassing over our incompetent gridlines
©Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 27 Chiseling In

NaPoWriMo 27

Chiseling In

Your voice, a hypnic jerk
faceless, familiar
chiseled into my rib cage
releasing trapped glowworms

the rose bush nodded its heavy buds
hosting the winged visitors with pride

while I played kitten-catch
with the moments slipping by
slowing their animated flight

knowing my (y)ears
will never be the same again
for blazing in me is a carnival of lights
where there was only night before
©Reena Prasad

NaPoWriMo 26 Ether

NaPoWriMo 26


Ether within me rests
sliding down fences and under them
its path insidious
its silence addictive
An unguarded moment
and it morphs into thought bubbles
-the shape of your shadow
leaning against the outside of my wall
hands folded, doing a Heathcliff in vain

My restlessness incognito
zooms into your hologram too
mimicking the smile in my eyes
or the eyes in my smile

Reckoning that air has no dual tones
ether plays out its desires
in sun-yellowed fields
while moonlight drenches the bed
and two auras, their bodies gone visiting
lie clasped in sleep
The fecklessness of their dreams
transformed into a temporary glade

Dawn dismantles heart-baked bricks
and I fold you several times over, stowing you away
till you occupy the least space
and the heaviest corner of my heart
©Reena Prasad


NaPoWriMo 24 Metamorphosis

NaPoWriMo 24


You said- leave the dishes
I cannot wait
Come sit beside me
your head on my chest
Let me feel your breath
I have been away all day

Your fingers locked mine
in a mock duel-play
The TV remained lifeless
The curtain flapped breezily
A full-bodied moon saw red
as you laid me back and
your finger traced a swollen lip

Then one winter
you grew wings

The TV talks relentlessly
The window wheezes dust, its view smothered
The moon sullied, lurks in salty pools
The curtain misses a certain breeze

My fingers have forgotten the
feel of any other
Of a held breath and a skipped beat
there is no return address
Where your chest was, lies a pillow

You no longer say anything sweet
nor stop me from doing the dishes

Now I cannot wait
for the last spring to come
to grow my own wings
©Reena Prasad