Blue moon

This luminous float I see
teasing sparkles into desires

that have never really
surrendered to tame rust. 

 Beautiful while it sails
A round ship in my fluid darkness

 stealing glances, winking
 in moments that belong to us alone

 we of the old, trusting tribe
 bathing in the light together
 when the tide was high 

 knowing that giving was forever
learning that possession was death

 loving in the pauses
 between conversations
 that never led anywhere 

 flecks of light borrowed from the moon
I still collect them in my dream

 for lighting your eyes when they say things
 with fierce pride and tenderness
 you never required to 

Why do I now smile
when the young and guileless

 sit around waiting for a blue moon.

 not knowing that it is fated to be blue forever
 when their grayness sets in
 and they chide themselves
 for not seeking it out while it was red?

©Reena Prasad  31st August 2012

My friend, the moon


Lying in repose, with sleep in sight
For dreams to come and lighten the night
I spot your bright face, hiding behind a cloud
Beaming at me, like a friend I know
What was said, I no longer can say
But left me with feelings all aglow.


Days when the heart is sore
A bitter word or look seals the door
I tell myself, be patient for night will bring
Your smiling face to peep through my door.
And all the poison turns into dessert
As I drink deep from your beautiful soul. 

In early morn, before truth awakens
There is an interlude for you to come
I throw open every window, for your glimpse
There you are! Waltzing with stars galore!
A few moments, we spend in silence
You, me, our reminiscences of yore.

©Reena Prasad 23rd Nov 2010