Acrostic FLOWERS

F lowers
L ive near open doors, on the mantel piece, in designer vases but
O ften absent in unsmiling eyes from
W here quarrels emanate and curses fly
E legant carpeted floors
R un under unfriendly souls
S ans welcome smiles.

F ine art work on walls
L ooks at hostile undercurrents swirling beneath the
O pulent lace
W orldly pleasures and
E vil thoughts make
R andom joys run awry
S ee the hearts flawed beyond solace!

F orlorn are the houses with lush blossoms where
L ittle joy bloom in human bosoms
O pt not for hoarded antiques nor for
W ooden tiled  designer floors
E verlasting are the homes with laughter galore
R ule is a hug a day to
S ee a heart become a garden.
©Reena Prasad  11th feb 2013

Published in the June 2013 issue of Fragrance Poetry