Sucking vigour


Old man summer
craggy brook beds his veins
parched skin cracked
fissures stretched moisture lost in pain

His fingers curl around velvet buds
squeezing youth plumping his flaccid river
flowers wink as gnarled limbs droop
a zephyr shakes off sweaty wings

Decadent virility licks peeling lips
a roe quickens within redolent spring
a whirlwind fling a swansong trills
an old man in the season clings.

©Reena Prasad 25th feb 2013


No time to live life, the way I love

No time to sit back or scroll through my own thoughts

No time to smile back at the smiling virtual faces

No time to type the words as they hurry past

No time to day dream about the rain

pouring upon thirsty grounds in a place far away

The world is too much in my way

as I tie up loose ends,unpack some memories

Real or unreal only time can say

A season too hot to venture out

A sentence coming to a temporary end

counting the last weeks till I fly home

packing bags with stuff that apologises for my absence

from the meaningful days in the lives of loved ones.

©Reena Prasad 7th June 2012( a Vacation post on fb)




Resilient to the onslaught of emotions,

it stands aloof in its bony cloak of eccentric grooves

red pride radiating from its diverging chambers.

Life twists around, never willing to stray afar

gurgling among the crimson waves.

The human heart -the mark of a race

A remarkable, pulsating dam

finding comfort in its own stoic lyrics

mindfully keeping the rhythms alive.

It never could identify its beginning

for it was born with the compulsion to throb

nor does it care to learn

the direction of the end of time’s tunes.

Inevitability of its thuds, a lesson to boredom’s youth.

Braving the swirling illusions of the universe,

it keeps within the limits of love and play

amidst the fickleness of its  seasons.

To begin to question may cause an isoelectric line

detrimental to human existence.

Be a star tonight

When the echoes of the night
Follow in dawn’s wake
They cast long ,heavy shadows
Upon the sun beyond the blue lake.


Lingering in these deep recesses,
A tiny, jeweled star awaits its turn,
One night, when the moon is away,
Then brightly will it burn.


Not knowing in its naïve dreams
The danger that lurks behind the clouds
If the moon is swamped by darker forces
Can a little light burn more bright?


Like hope in a living heart, a new moon over the rocks
Like a smile that shimmers with glistening tear drops
The star shines with all its cosmic might,
A determined flame, blazing away to be a sun tonight.