Call of the sea-2

The sea whispers
loud to them who hear,
its waters writing
within deflated thought bubbles
Of death waiting
beneath the bubbling blue
with foaming mouth
and hungry roars
Waiting for walkers
to tire of their sand castles
sending waves of ocean scents
to wheedle their souls
into deep, swapping games
Sound for silence
Strife for serenity
Air for water
Cadavers for release.

©Reena Prasad 19th Nov 2012

Published in Angle poetry -a poetry journal .

Call of the sea-1


The storm man stands 
His hands pushing the frolicking waves away
He calls me, the ocean in his eyes
I drown there 
and walk into his arms
leaving my distraught skin
on the crowded shore
along with some bedraggled  fears
The urge to float
drowns any resisting feathers
Sand on my soul 
blue sea around
Let me die
to live beyond the shore.

©Reena Prasad 18th Nov 2012