A winter’s tale

A winter’s tale

Oh! The breeze is playful today
Ruffling the feathers of the tiny sparrows
hopping busily in the wan sunlight
Their tweets chiding the naughty breeze gently
and a warm smile hovers on Winter’s fair face.

On such days, time stops yet thoughts dance
The wayward heart crosses certain invisible lines
to flow out in red glory onto the pavements of passion
driving out dutiful doubts that tremble in anticipation
within the folded petals of abandoned reason.

The breeze brings a lost fragrance, it has been too long
those still streets wait in silence but uncertain feet no longer stop
The shadows lengthen every hour, fading into the familiar dust
A stone kicked from school to home, now complains of apathy
The shade of the banyan still welcomes, but the map no longer exists

Once upon a time

A time when time waited for us to meet
When happiness sat on a bench behind,
An answering smile for every hesitant glance
The freedom to hum in a shared silence.

Many pages turned since that lost hour
A desperate tendril creeps up from the grave
The out stretched hand still waits somewhere
The answer is now tied up in helpless knots.

Once it was untainted innocence bringing joy
Now an emotion languishing without a name
The years in between have spent in hope
Of meeting without the burden of chains.

Years of togetherness yet unsaid thoughts
Years of separation yet no new words to say
The hearts once so close now mutual strangers
Clasping different moments with rhythms gone astray.


Fault lines

Fault lines

Playground of gossamer veils

Every look, an unspoken invite

Chirps of a sparrow pair

Promises of melody in flight .

A scratched name, a wooden desk

Alphabets added up hopefully

on a hilltop rock

beating love,its tremulous lyrics

written on every passing breeze.

Eternal love

once lay content between clasped palms.

Time dissolved it in tears

It escaped

through the gaps of




©Reena Prasad

Familiar vibes-hidden connection

” A truth can lie hidden forever but it must not become a lie.”

Familiar vibes -hidden connection

A delicious secret, I confess,
is subtly kept hidden from you.
Stumbled on it innocently enough
though it now seems like déjà vu.

A blooming romance, a romp with words
Fragrances shared , Oh! the picture is a rose bush.
Though I passed these corriders
nearly a decade before you walked hither.

Unsuspecting dear that you are ,
with wisdom far beyond your young heart
You search for the elusive love- vine
while I know our roots entwine.

It is the melting, chocolaty delight that hides
deep inside my poetic freezer.
Tempting me with its disarming guiles
making me drop crumbs for you to find.

I am everything your muse imagines,
a mystery of your making but not an iota more.
When the alluring veil is torn to shreds
can our differences be ignored?

It’s only a playful web made by a butterfly,
I am close enough to breathe in your every sigh.
Leaving only a trap door ajar, I have learnt the whole map
A graying head, a content heart, no longer need a fresh start.

Damn sure I am writing on a vulnerable heart
whose hidden depths hold mellifluous promises
But a decade of written destiny holds us apart,
My story ends where yours is going to start.
©Reena Prasad

It came dashing

It came dashing
round the corner of the street,
gliding effortlessly over the cacti fence,
entering into the chaotic traffic with ease.
One among thousands like it,
yet distinct in its path and chime,
carrying fragrances and images.
Sepia versions of truth and time
beating out persistent, haphazard rhymes.
Muscling frail, dutiful ones out of its way
with its tsunamic , sweeping sway.
Loud honking failed to divert its track.
It punched me before I had time to act.
Determined it was, like an adamant child,
clinging relentlessly to the fabric of the mind.
Though I tried hard to shake it off,
in vain like a cheetah licking away its spots,
it reversed the tables and shook me hard
right down to my very soul, leaving its scar.
It was an orphaned, homeless thought
that the breeze bore upon its feisty cart
entering my heart, unbidden, unsought.

A phantom tryst

Walking towards you
A silent afternoon
Sleeping dogs on footpaths
Mellow sunshine
And a pounding beat
Inside this nonchalant seeming cage.


You step aside
The light in your eyes
Burning  just as bright.
as in those lost yesterdays
Giving me the way
And then moving  quietly away.


And I make up these moments
Giving you recurrent chances
Losing my sleep but still blissful
revolving again in the same groove
One day you will step forward
And change the fate of these dreams.


A skip and a jump and childhood went on its way
Leaving me hoping one day it would again come for a stay.
Holding hands without guilt ,making friends in a flash
Caution never intruded , when puddles beckoned for a splash.


When the days roll down memory hill,
sweet laughter echoes in the dale
Giving ample space for the soul
to refill the cup of adolescent travails.


Walking behind so that you wouldn’t sneak a peek
at love’s blush staining the dimpled cheeks.
Walking in hope, fingers crossed in prayer,
for a glimpse of your face or your tousled hair.


Hoping you would come , praying we would be together
And not finding the courage , instead talking about the weather.
Moving away ,leaving too much space,
then missing you frantically with undue haste.


While eyes remain locked and throbbing pulses raced,
Silence and togetherness forever embraced.
Counting the minutes, marking the days
Now counting the years and decades while you are away.


Give me back a few leaves,
that swirled in rounds at our playground.
Give me back the wooden bench,
on which you were once to be found.


Give me back stolen moments old.
Give me my beating heart again.
Give me back my secret crush, your first touch
and our adieu in the rain.

Childhood pleasures

Can I play in the hot sun without my hat, Mom?
Tear some paper, scribble on the wall just for fun?
Dance in the rain, slide down stair rails
Make paper boats from the glossy magazine page?

Raindrops and butterflies, for me to play
Candy and pillow fights to start my day
Hidden nooks and treetop-castles entice me so
Lying on the green grass watching stars glow.

Is it not fun to run and fall over fences?
Why open dull gates and walk instead?
Jumping into puddles, throwing stones into streams
Did you not do this at least in your dreams?

Guavas taste better straight from the tree.
Picking flowers, a kid’s right, Nature’s decree.
Putting sand in my pockets, running barefoot over pebbles
Climbing brown trees, blowing soap bubbles.

Only one life just as you said
Why spend it Mom, tucked up in bed?
Let me swim freely in these magical seas
I wouldn’t like to waste childhood’s treats.

I love to paint, let me do it now
When I grow up, I may not know how
Let me read Mom, while I eat
Childhood won’t wait forever for me.

Free me from your fears; I am your little one
Enjoy me at my pace; pray youth be slow to come.
None to swing in your arms, when your baby is grown
Why adorn the nest, once the birds have flown?

No one ever destroyed this earth, Mom
After having a childhood filled with fun.

©Reena prasad