Growlery fare

In the growlery

And the door slams twice
Bemused I remain
Not knowing
whether to go away
Or stay
Not believing in the crash
or the shattered shards
or the piercing hate.

Our last bash
When joy grew wings and
imagination flew unfettered
soothing sensitive alcoves
with soft, silent pings.
Creating secret gardens
amidst inane musings
Happily cluttering walls
With the undead graffiti within.

Thoughts clicked into place
Strangest cookies melted
into perfectly sane cakes
Reverberating twin soul echoes
Of streaming thought waves
quilted memory-catchers
with oscillating heart strings

Mirth had a gala time
morphing guilt into dark rhymes
Lies rolled off glib fingers
Placid mirrors remained untouched
by avalanches of snowing slime
Lonely hearts tangoed around
imaginary word bonfires
thriving under the customary grime.

Hurting looks never revealed
Glances askance were shrouded deep
The storm began in my sleep
Sudden cold showers, bitter rains
Acrid smoke fills the screen
Ruptured balloon bits
Some strands of burnt kisses
And a bitter after taste
is all that remains.

Or go away?
I still remain
to see if Tomorrow will really
become Yesterday
Hoping without hope
to see that happen

Still on a swing

Falling leaves keep changing colour
The sunlight evaporates time
Album pages flutter rapidly and stop
at a tyre swing
Four little hands clasp the iron rope
seated on either side of a rubber tyre
Their giggles rock the air-borne boat
under the purple-black  jamos

In that world of pails and sand
time moved swiftly as though envious
little black shoes kicked squeaky yellow ones
The school bell clanged –
the moment burst and all were gone

 Her eyes followed, she watched them go
tugging hurriedly at her  tyre-wedged shoe
Tears welled up till she saw him
come running back for her 

Worried they both were till he pulled
her foot out of the narrow wedge
Then she hopped on one foot 
And he followed with her shoe

He came back for her then
to remain the lone star in her cosmos
She rocks her memories gently on the swing
of two berry-stained knees sharing one spring
©Reena Prasad

*Jamo= Java Plum

A winter’s tale

A winter’s tale

Oh! The breeze is playful today
Ruffling the feathers of the tiny sparrows
hopping busily in the wan sunlight
Their tweets chiding the naughty breeze gently
and a warm smile hovers on Winter’s fair face.

On such days, time stops yet thoughts dance
The wayward heart crosses certain invisible lines
to flow out in red glory onto the pavements of passion
driving out dutiful doubts that tremble in anticipation
within the folded petals of abandoned reason.

The breeze brings a lost fragrance, it has been too long
those still streets wait in silence but uncertain feet no longer stop
The shadows lengthen every hour, fading into the familiar dust
A stone kicked from school to home, now complains of apathy
The shade of the banyan still welcomes, but the map no longer exists

Once upon a time

A time when time waited for us to meet
When happiness sat on a bench behind,
An answering smile for every hesitant glance
The freedom to hum in a shared silence.

Many pages turned since that lost hour
A desperate tendril creeps up from the grave
The out stretched hand still waits somewhere
The answer is now tied up in helpless knots.

Once it was untainted innocence bringing joy
Now an emotion languishing without a name
The years in between have spent in hope
Of meeting without the burden of chains.

Years of togetherness yet unsaid thoughts
Years of separation yet no new words to say
The hearts once so close now mutual strangers
Clasping different moments with rhythms gone astray.


Fault lines

Fault lines

Playground of gossamer veils

Every look, an unspoken invite

Chirps of a sparrow pair

Promises of melody in flight .

A scratched name, a wooden desk

Alphabets added up hopefully

on a hilltop rock

beating love,its tremulous lyrics

written on every passing breeze.

Eternal love

once lay content between clasped palms.

Time dissolved it in tears

It escaped

through the gaps of




©Reena Prasad

Familiar vibes-hidden connection

” A truth can lie hidden forever but it must not become a lie.”

Familiar vibes -hidden connection

A delicious secret, I confess,
is subtly kept hidden from you.
Stumbled on it innocently enough
though it now seems like déjà vu.

A blooming romance, a romp with words
Fragrances shared , Oh! the picture is a rose bush.
Though I passed these corriders
nearly a decade before you walked hither.

Unsuspecting dear that you are ,
with wisdom far beyond your young heart
You search for the elusive love- vine
while I know our roots entwine.

It is the melting, chocolaty delight that hides
deep inside my poetic freezer.
Tempting me with its disarming guiles
making me drop crumbs for you to find.

I am everything your muse imagines,
a mystery of your making but not an iota more.
When the alluring veil is torn to shreds
can our differences be ignored?

It’s only a playful web made by a butterfly,
I am close enough to breathe in your every sigh.
Leaving only a trap door ajar, I have learnt the whole map
A graying head, a content heart, no longer need a fresh start.

Damn sure I am writing on a vulnerable heart
whose hidden depths hold mellifluous promises
But a decade of written destiny holds us apart,
My story ends where yours is going to start.
©Reena Prasad