Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair.


On the loftiest tower above us all
Spinning her silk, is a youthful rhyme
Her cascading hair held up aloft
by anguished hands running against Time
As yet another sun merges with the sand
She weeps into the dusky orange glow
A wraith, wiping her tears on a wisp of cloud
Will these red rivers ever cease their flow?

The ocean has receded into the blue,
She still waits here looking out for you
to welcome a warrior, from across the sea
Her tresses spread, a shadow over the trees
Come, for the choked fishes no longer swim
Come, for the birds have lost their wings
Pastel green trees have turned gnarled and brown,
Smiling faces are few, far more are the frowns.

Black bullets glitter, embedded on nursery walls,
black waters hover over the milky waterfalls
The season of spring has gone far away,
Flames now scorch, for love has turned grey.
Every gate shut, every door locked
but a small window of hope could never be blocked
Come’ O’ Prince! She will throw her plait
Blackened by grime since that fairy tale,
mothers used to read aloud
Little angels used to dream about
The golden waves that will kiss your core
But before that prize, still remain some chores.

If you can stop the storms swirling around,
If you can build a bridge over the troubled ground
if you can shield the melting glaciers from the flames
If you can cover the desert with green grass again
If you can find a sparkle of love in the apathy around
Then ‘O’ Earth warrior,
here comes her gold falling onto your ground
For she is Earth- The princess of Life
Kiss her golden ropes and rescue that fairy rhyme,
the one called Rapunzel, once upon a time.
©Reena Prasad

(This poem has been published in the book “Once upon a time ” by Barry Mowles and Friends)


Ganga stood
beautifully poised
on the brink of heaven
And then she began
Her free fall
upon Earth
Accelerating towards the ground
Her lithe, streamlined form
Swaying silkily down
Determined to make earth bear
the brunt
of her hurt arrogance.

Destructive force
of her descent
absorbed calmly by The Destroyer
without a lapse in  concentration
She meandered, stunned  by her inability
to sweep away the great God
Losing her way instead
among his tangled locks,
till he showed her the path
gently bringing her down to earth
dissolving her ego by his move
Her sweet purity reinstated with a mission
to mitigate a universal thirst
till the end of Kalyug.

Earth rejoiced
in the arrival of the mountain daughter
Turning green and blue
Swirling around, teeming with joy
sprouting life wherever
the divine waters touched.

North and then east
in several streams, she flowed
Turning into Bhageerathi
till the ocean beckoned.
Will she too follow Saraswati
blackened by man’s sins?
Dry and condemned
a lost spiritual flow.

Meditate not on her banks,’ O’ god men
Touch her not with your sinful feet
But immerse your soul into her purity
Let go, let go of all the Maaya
in the lethargic smoke that spouts from you
wipe those wick-oil smeared shutters
And see through an inner frame
Snip away those matted bird nests
Wash away those flaky ash smears
Sporting those half dead snakes
cannot make you Shiva.

Cleanse those guilty cavities
let your sins be your Guru
Maybe you still can feel
the rush, the roar and the force
as she lands on those coiled dreadlocks
entwined with serpent slaves of a mastered ego
and see
a crescent on his forehead
a glittering trophy of his timelessness.

As you drown in the inner knowledge
of your worthless existence,
pray it opens unto you
His third eye of knowledge
To dispel the black, ignorant miasma
To reduce to holy ash
the falseness of life on earth.

Washing the ashes of more than the purported
sixty thousand sons,
She still sways,
The spiritual Ganga  running in our veins
Suffering the same fate
as the tearful, throttled one
Carrying  moral corpses
Stagnant and poisoned
for a lost mind
can no longer mimic
a lotus leaf.

For Ganga leans
Tired, ravished
Waiting for the Bull,
standing on one leg
To stand on all fours

©Reena Prasad

Wake up

The bells toll
but these are of bicycles
Jostling and pushing each other
in their hurry to reach where ever.
Small tea-shops, odd assortment
of ties, lungi, vest and shoes
gossip centering around  the news.

Bread and cheese ones, in swanky mansions
– the television juggling their views.
Money controlling facial gestures
Get – a smile, take – a frown
Changing mental wallpapers
now simplified
The gory killing on the screen
neither shocks nor registers.
and no after effects.

cold blooded murder
yet not of the person they think it was
Murder of faith as men turn into mercenaries
Misled by hunger- induced hallucinatory
images of being missionaries
Murder of the lone human race
Why  kill? Why want something
in exchange of a death?

Humble origins of homo sapiens
maybe we still carry
some  blue-green algae in our bloody veins
Our fishes ,our trees, our tribe
My land, my state, my country
Mission forgotten
to carry evolution forward
To safely hand over earth
To the unborn warriors
untaught in the chakravyuh of politics.

Exaggerating trivial  issues
to the gory point
of a fellow being’s ultimate sacrifice
dividing  lives into countries, faiths
amidst noise and  hollow victories.

Hear pleas
crafted with the essence of loss
of crushed, sacrificed, innocent buds.
This was the promised land
They too wanted to throw stones
into the pond
to take a rain walk
to dream  in the moon shine
But they could not
For their life lines were cut with hateful blades
even though earth had enough
for all.

Generation of blood art
Let us wipe out this unholy graffiti
from human walls
It is not too late.

Earth is heaven (Autopost)

Earth is heaven


Every song that the sparrow chirps
Every twig the scampering squirrel cracks
A brown bird’s rhythmic drumming taps
resonates within my porous core
as life’s inimitable soundtracks.

A reminder of life ‘s flamboyant urges
outside sketched boundaries,
within too..
when it swung on natural vines,
Coos of comradeship, licks of love
ricochets off my senses
leaving concentric ripples to dance.

Fanned by vespine wings,
amidst summer’s tigrine shadows
greedily devouring
scent- bursts of green mangoes
I stand still, my hand clutching
at my fluttering heart
as it threatens to elope
with the feckless wind.

Nymph -like tendrils loop around me
as bold dahlias brazenly sway,
tempting me to taste a dew drop,
or to sip at succulent banana sprays.
Apian shapes follow my jaunt
as I tip toe to fool my echoes
Entire earth hidden within me
lest vagabond bees steal the scents away.

(Hallucinations from the desert heat)


Visit this lovely image at Magnoliamoonlight


A waterfall
A pipe burst
A tear drop
A cloud burst

A torch beam
A laser ray
A moon beam
A flash of lightning

A candle flame
A wild bush fire
A furious volcano
A blast furnace inferno

A breathe of life
A tornado
A blast of cold air
A sea breeze

An indo-chinese
A muslim-jew
An afro-american
humanoid hues

Soft inflections cause modulations
One earth, one sky, many nuances
Recognize kindred souls
better late than never.




Let Earth burn, explode, become past tense

Tottering under the onslaught  of violence

Let soulless bodies gently slide

into the cosmic chasm, deep and wide.


Gun-toting youth, ships fallen to pirates

Rain of death on a wedding stage.

Game of blame, a talk-show, a threat

Yeah, anything to grab a piece of fame.

Writhing lives, infernal mines

Sorry images, sordid love loops.

Milk every  tear of an unlucky survivor

yoke the stories, get the big scoop.

Hold fast to power, it’s a tiger’s tail

A tsunami, a Katrina to divert, to regale.

A breaking story, soon a deleted mail

Text, tweet till the battery fails.

Be the leader, be the first

to lose our humanity,  to curb our heart.

Illuminate our houses, darken the globe,

they are giving it free, so let’s fight for more.


On and on till we succeed

in mirroring the fate of the dinosaur.

Stop! think!

Do we want any more?


Death shrouds bomb blasts, yet we will take the train.

If the roof is blown away, let’s party in the rain .

Mend broken bridges, pull down the barbed fence

Better late than never, to make humble amends.

Nothing to lose, if we can all earn our bread.

And refrain from shedding a fellow being’s blood.

Leave the killing to the beasts of prey

Follow our hearts, let nature lead the way.


Let soulful music gently glide

Across the love’s oceans, deep and wide.

Live life  with a pinch of common sense

lest our Earth burn , explode, become past tense.

©Reena Prasad
Published in Indian Ruminations on 4rth June 2011


So it has come to this

So it has come to this

So it has come to this.
Homes have been reclaimed
by vengeful waters of weary earth.
Ever lazy to rebuild ,to sweat and slog,
we now live in our green- themed blogs.


Yesterday is tomorrow gone too soon
Tomorrow is today always inexplicably late.
Never nurturing the core, ever blaming fate.
Changing the paint, toying around with the seams
Reversing colours, competing with reptiles with ease.


Only evil in this world, don’t smile kid, at neighbours
 minds now have glasses, tinted dark
Close your eyes, ears and mouth, virus rule over the parks.
Don’t smell the roses, don’t touch the grass
Love has kinks, recycled water still stinks .


Believe in luck, lotteries and charms
for ignorance has become common sense
And education the biggest scam.
will goodness of heart
ever get a fresh lease?


We have crossed the bridge between,
unashamedly donning black grease
and stand up for nothing
believing this be the mantra
for world peace.