Earth is heaven (Autopost)

Earth is heaven


Every song that the sparrow chirps
Every twig the scampering squirrel cracks
A brown bird’s rhythmic drumming taps
resonates within my porous core
as life’s inimitable soundtracks.

A reminder of life ‘s flamboyant urges
outside sketched boundaries,
within too..
when it swung on natural vines,
Coos of comradeship, licks of love
ricochets off my senses
leaving concentric ripples to dance.

Fanned by vespine wings,
amidst summer’s tigrine shadows
greedily devouring
scent- bursts of green mangoes
I stand still, my hand clutching
at my fluttering heart
as it threatens to elope
with the feckless wind.

Nymph -like tendrils loop around me
as bold dahlias brazenly sway,
tempting me to taste a dew drop,
or to sip at succulent banana sprays.
Apian shapes follow my jaunt
as I tip toe to fool my echoes
Entire earth hidden within me
lest vagabond bees steal the scents away.

(Hallucinations from the desert heat)


Visit this lovely image at Magnoliamoonlight


A waterfall
A pipe burst
A tear drop
A cloud burst

A torch beam
A laser ray
A moon beam
A flash of lightning

A candle flame
A wild bush fire
A furious volcano
A blast furnace inferno

A breathe of life
A tornado
A blast of cold air
A sea breeze

An indo-chinese
A muslim-jew
An afro-american
humanoid hues

Soft inflections cause modulations
One earth, one sky, many nuances
Recognize kindred souls
better late than never.




Let Earth burn, explode, become past tense

Tottering under the onslaught  of violence

Let soulless bodies gently slide

into the cosmic chasm, deep and wide.


Gun-toting youth, ships fallen to pirates

Rain of death on a wedding stage.

Game of blame, a talk-show, a threat

Yeah, anything to grab a piece of fame.

Writhing lives, infernal mines

Sorry images, sordid love loops.

Milk every  tear of an unlucky survivor

yoke the stories, get the big scoop.

Hold fast to power, it’s a tiger’s tail

A tsunami, a Katrina to divert, to regale.

A breaking story, soon a deleted mail

Text, tweet till the battery fails.

Be the leader, be the first

to lose our humanity,  to curb our heart.

Illuminate our houses, darken the globe,

they are giving it free, so let’s fight for more.


On and on till we succeed

in mirroring the fate of the dinosaur.

Stop! think!

Do we want any more?


Death shrouds bomb blasts, yet we will take the train.

If the roof is blown away, let’s party in the rain .

Mend broken bridges, pull down the barbed fence

Better late than never, to make humble amends.

Nothing to lose, if we can all earn our bread.

And refrain from shedding a fellow being’s blood.

Leave the killing to the beasts of prey

Follow our hearts, let nature lead the way.


Let soulful music gently glide

Across the love’s oceans, deep and wide.

Live life  with a pinch of common sense

lest our Earth burn , explode, become past tense.

©Reena Prasad
Published in Indian Ruminations on 4rth June 2011


So it has come to this

So it has come to this

So it has come to this.
Homes have been reclaimed
by vengeful waters of weary earth.
Ever lazy to rebuild ,to sweat and slog,
we now live in our green- themed blogs.


Yesterday is tomorrow gone too soon
Tomorrow is today always inexplicably late.
Never nurturing the core, ever blaming fate.
Changing the paint, toying around with the seams
Reversing colours, competing with reptiles with ease.


Only evil in this world, don’t smile kid, at neighbours
 minds now have glasses, tinted dark
Close your eyes, ears and mouth, virus rule over the parks.
Don’t smell the roses, don’t touch the grass
Love has kinks, recycled water still stinks .


Believe in luck, lotteries and charms
for ignorance has become common sense
And education the biggest scam.
will goodness of heart
ever get a fresh lease?


We have crossed the bridge between,
unashamedly donning black grease
and stand up for nothing
believing this be the mantra
for world peace.

Only Earth

Only Earth


Look out of bare windows
into the sea of flickering lives.
Let us draw aside the curtains
that shroud our open eyes. 

Aiming for the highest peak
yet scared of the trembling earth
Walking moonless on the beach
yet wary of ocean’s slightest mirth. 

Eons of passing time and nature
can only nudge the solid rocks.
We poke our fingers into nuclear hollows
causing accelerations and energy blocks. 

Tectonic plates sashay apart
divorced from decaying locks,
Angry forces gather momentum
splitting the earth, shattering rocks. 

We dig deep into her core
eroding the life forces in our way.
Sucking vital fluids, looting precious stones
triggering off vicious cycles of decay. 

Egoistic explosives roar under sand and sea,
each pretending to be powerfully smart.
Hacked lifeline rivers, gag with human wastes.
fragile eco-systems drag concrete carts. 

Who destroyed the Earth tree, Mama?
Unborn generations silently scoff.
We were foolish,forgive us Children,
we sat on the lone branch and cut it off.

©Reena Prasad.. First published in YOUTH KI AWAAZ  > THE LINK IS HERE

Recycled souls

Nature recycles , nature returns
Times revolve yet some elements remain
Unchanged , untouched , ever pristine
Secrets yet to be unlocked from unearthly domains.


Turning mountains into squelchy swamps
Barren deserts into fertile rainforest lands
Switching off the sun , turning on the rain
Leave nature alone to play her games.


Who are we but playthings for her
A species here today, extinct tomorrow
Nevertheless, enjoy a life given, in good faith, for now
Be not a boulder to weigh upon buoyant earth ‘s bough.


Leave the energy transformations to Mother Earth.
An intricate industry , a recycle bin , an evergreen store.
What is a human birth– a body or a being or both?
Just some reused mud with a recycled soul in its core!

Thoughts at the break of dawn

November 15, 2010

Looking up at a blackish-red morning sky. A sad sight for no bird flies by
A beautiful painting marred by a sky scraper. Airplanes three and a bird nowhere.

Painted lives below. Living against every natural drive.
No tryst with fresh air or a tree. Not yet dead not alive

they do not leave for a more natural world, their country side.
They cite reasons–for the sake of loved ones.Mention the sea food and palms, A coconut falls into the ready mix soup
More traditional their views, than ever before

Rising like yeast till they find the sky on the floor,
Sinking into stink, closing uncomfortable doors.
Outsiders forever, transient their time
The city never sleeps, the hearts always fear 

Slick and smart suits over souls bare.
Breathing in money-conditioned air yet no coin to spare.
The monster grants every want but eats all desire 

The sun is rising, the day breaks fine
Someday  such life rhymes will be deemed divine
Smother oceans with sand, its waves will claim the land
earth tattooed with  concrete designs