Unopened gift

Dapper wings
caught on a twig
Paper-light flutters
buried hopes.
On closer look

Natural bonds
never clicked into place.
The bent bough
laden with grapes
willing to remain aloft
till gravity pulls it down.

A gift fated to be
forever new,
A desolate well
Tattered ribbons mill about
Homeless hope stumbles around
A miracle lies
under the unknown.

floats the little raft
needing none
to light up unreal horizons
resplendent, its inner shore.
Destined to grow till love flows
With no return gifts
At least none to boast.

The lone boat sails on, weary,
Unwanted treasures under its oars
The next in line shall want no more
Sings the sea to the shore.

And he gathers the remanents of faith
as a thin shawl over shoulders of grief
scattering seeds for the passing birds
to carry or to spread around
The tears that never really stop inside
float with small wings into an oceans’s roar.

©Reena Prasad Feb 2012

Morning woes

Morning woes


My wake up calls

always prompting an angry response

for having broken into their innocent dreams

The complaints of the water’s coldness,

the imagined leg and tummy aches

Hostility towards the glass of warm milk

for it signals the approaching hour

The push and pull to get into stipulated uniforms

and then a hug and a kiss

they are gone…

As the door shuts,I turn to see

two little pairs of slippers

abandoned on the living room floor

Two tiny pairs that remind me

throughout the day

They never want to leave

I am the one who pushed them away.