Cloud-trampled day

Based on a painting by Nadira  ( Dreaming Through The Twilight)

Tumultuous swirls
spread smoke
Trees listen erect
late to the lecture
Sharp hats on
Leaves static


Silence rules
grave-deep, stern-gray
Crisp, cold drops
on tongue-tips
of mountains


Smudged kohl outlines
stormy eyes of the valley

Sky-frost and earth-mist
companions adrift

©Reena Prasad
For your inspirational painting Nadira Cotticollan Thank you!

The uprising

Gleb Goloubetski
‘Autumn Breeze’

Watch me as I rise
drinking up the black liquid of night
The wind in my golden stalks

He lies on the lapping surface
to carry me away
from all that is dark

The bamboo in my basket of love
is covered with its swan flowers
The sunlight, my last sheath

I see his handsome heart
and the big stakes driven into them
but I am not a frail concept, I am Earth

out to reclaim my colours
from the paint and word palettes
of plagiarist beings called artists
©Reena Prasad  26th May 2013