(Written for my nephew Rahul )

Looking rather cross, was a hooked beak albatross,

sitting on a rock, atop a hillock,

large wings poised to take off in flight.

Once it thrived in the seas,

diving and fishing in glee

Its  beautiful wings spread,

it flew above the tallest trees.

The wicked fox and the wild rat

Like villains in Nature’s green lap

preyed upon its precious eggs.

Man too, was never far behind

He too forgot to be caring and kind .

Now pollution and hunting have taken its toll

An albatross facing extinction can never be  droll.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair.


On the loftiest tower above us all
Spinning her silk, is a youthful rhyme
Her cascading hair held up aloft
by anguished hands running against Time
As yet another sun merges with the sand
She weeps into the dusky orange glow
A wraith, wiping her tears on a wisp of cloud
Will these red rivers ever cease their flow?

The ocean has receded into the blue,
She still waits here looking out for you
to welcome a warrior, from across the sea
Her tresses spread, a shadow over the trees
Come, for the choked fishes no longer swim
Come, for the birds have lost their wings
Pastel green trees have turned gnarled and brown,
Smiling faces are few, far more are the frowns.

Black bullets glitter, embedded on nursery walls,
black waters hover over the milky waterfalls
The season of spring has gone far away,
Flames now scorch, for love has turned grey.
Every gate shut, every door locked
but a small window of hope could never be blocked
Come’ O’ Prince! She will throw her plait
Blackened by grime since that fairy tale,
mothers used to read aloud
Little angels used to dream about
The golden waves that will kiss your core
But before that prize, still remain some chores.

If you can stop the storms swirling around,
If you can build a bridge over the troubled ground
if you can shield the melting glaciers from the flames
If you can cover the desert with green grass again
If you can find a sparkle of love in the apathy around
Then ‘O’ Earth warrior,
here comes her gold falling onto your ground
For she is Earth- The princess of Life
Kiss her golden ropes and rescue that fairy rhyme,
the one called Rapunzel, once upon a time.
©Reena Prasad

(This poem has been published in the book “Once upon a time ” by Barry Mowles and Friends)

My flock,my folks

For the Prompt at Sunday scribblings “Flock”

I seem to be writing from the other side more now-a-days. Could  the animal in me be coming out?

My flock- my folks

Easy to care for, easier to eat
I am a farm pet ,they call us silly geese
I am free to peck at the grass, free to waggle my neck
The kind master ,he locks me in a box and takes all my eggs.
When the sky turns grey and the sun hides behind some fluff
I cackle and cackle with joy as I spot my mother above.


We were once together, flying over oceans at noon
We were once a single shape streaking the rising ,pale moon
Beloved of the skein, pampered under her wings
We flew over worlds in patterns, lines and rings.
A shot rang above the desert, and I fell on earth-unfurled
Broken wings and terror, shattered my buoyant world.


She looked back and called but I was too weak
The hunter was at large, the flock had to leave
Now she knows me not but my cackles never cease
When I spot my newest sibling, I can’t help but weep
What wouldn’t I give to leave this wretched, dry ground
to float above the pearly moon with my own flock around.?


The human fly on me!

Written for the picture prompt at bluebellbooks

“A disgruntled cowboy horse poem -I had fun turning tables .
Forgive me John Wayne and fans, it’s only a fun fable “

The human fly on me !


He sits on me as if I am a chair

digging  thorny hooves into my belly bare

His tight pants are surely starting to hurt

under his unwashed ‘n’ stinkin’  pink shirt.

Long, coiled ropes (here I smirk ‘n’ neigh)

perhaps to hang himself one fine day.

I have had enough of his jiggling bum

bouncing about, clutching a smoking gun.

Little does he know, the swaggering fool

thinking himself to be pretty cool

Doesn’t he know I have not been fed

and another gun-totting, smoking fly lurks ahead?

He is very soon going to land up dead

with that funny plate still  on his head!

Dream house

This was my first poem,written in 1985 I think, and was published in my school magazine called “Kaleidoscope” I found it in my old diary and thought of sharing it here.

Dream house 

The house of my dreams
shall be in a wood
Amidst conifers and evergreens
Wouldn’t that be good?

There would be brooks and streams
with water clear and bright.
I shall play in them
from morning till night.

Parrots and rabbits
monkeys and deer
shall all live happily
in good health and cheer.

There will be fruit trees all around
crowned with fruits, sweet and ripe.
I shall share them with all my friends
and lead a jolly, merry life.

Far from the dust and crowds of cities
I shall lead a quiet but happy, happy life.

God’s love

Did you see the sun today,
A yellow, happy ball ?









Did you see the moon tonight,
smiling at us all ?









Did you see the stars tonight
twinkling with their light?





Did you see us children today
Looking smart and bright?


God made us happily
So we children smile

If you give us love today
Even God will smile!

The turning wheel

After the fiery summer
The meadows are parched,
the springs are dry
So nature brings the welcome rain
And bids the summer good bye. 


The earth is refreshed after the rains
so are people’s body and brains.
It i time for picnics and fun
So nature invites the winter queen
To pay a visit to her Kingdom. 


Winter has come, winter has gone.
Summer is round the corner, sounding its horn.
Everyone welcomes it back again.
For with cool drinks and ice creams,
It is a good bargain. 


As long as nature is preserved,
This wonderful cycle will keep turning.
But if nature is disturbed,
no more winters, no more rains
Only the hot summer again and again. 


Let’s be friends with Nature
and protect our own future.

Childhood pleasures

Can I play in the hot sun without my hat, Mom?
Tear some paper, scribble on the wall just for fun?
Dance in the rain, slide down stair rails
Make paper boats from the glossy magazine page?

Raindrops and butterflies, for me to play
Candy and pillow fights to start my day
Hidden nooks and treetop-castles entice me so
Lying on the green grass watching stars glow.

Is it not fun to run and fall over fences?
Why open dull gates and walk instead?
Jumping into puddles, throwing stones into streams
Did you not do this at least in your dreams?

Guavas taste better straight from the tree.
Picking flowers, a kid’s right, Nature’s decree.
Putting sand in my pockets, running barefoot over pebbles
Climbing brown trees, blowing soap bubbles.

Only one life just as you said
Why spend it Mom, tucked up in bed?
Let me swim freely in these magical seas
I wouldn’t like to waste childhood’s treats.

I love to paint, let me do it now
When I grow up, I may not know how
Let me read Mom, while I eat
Childhood won’t wait forever for me.

Free me from your fears; I am your little one
Enjoy me at my pace; pray youth be slow to come.
None to swing in your arms, when your baby is grown
Why adorn the nest, once the birds have flown?

No one ever destroyed this earth, Mom
After having a childhood filled with fun.

©Reena prasad