The heron clutches the edge of an abandoned dhow
a gleam in its eye as a slow ripple forms

Cuddling wisps of clouds edge near
to orange splotches of a sunny prelude

Cold trees turn their spiky crowns
away from snow clumps on grassy lashes

Death breathes down the nearest bare neck
standing a lot closer than sleep

A fallen angel sheds its archaic wings
and hangs itself as a white dendrite

The fake morning glow vanishes
in another swirling white mist

A tree looks pointedly at imaginary blooms
its nudity grabbing at snow flurries.

©Reena Prasad 26th jan 2013

To be published in scaling heights

A winter to forget

A dead rat was swept out with impunity
from under a gleaming car
A news report perished under an album
Fireworks lighted up reluctant moods
in a sweeping display of defiance
In Night’s dance bar,
a whistling wind frosted the panes
White fingers grappled with warm blood
as dead spirits laughed at dying ones.

Stopped hands of the clock froze time
An obsolete December hung from a rusty nail
Brown coconuts grew gnarled in a shed
The new calf scrambled onto unsteady feet
ready to run at the slightest breeze
oblivious to the absence of an old man
who stepped off the time train
two days before the new year
whose ashes still swirl around the tin shack
where he used to sit and smoke.
©Reena Prasad 2nd dec 2013

Call of the sea-2

The sea whispers
loud to them who hear,
its waters writing
within deflated thought bubbles
Of death waiting
beneath the bubbling blue
with foaming mouth
and hungry roars
Waiting for walkers
to tire of their sand castles
sending waves of ocean scents
to wheedle their souls
into deep, swapping games
Sound for silence
Strife for serenity
Air for water
Cadavers for release.

©Reena Prasad 19th Nov 2012

Published in Angle poetry -a poetry journal .

Call of the sea-1


The storm man stands 
His hands pushing the frolicking waves away
He calls me, the ocean in his eyes
I drown there 
and walk into his arms
leaving my distraught skin
on the crowded shore
along with some bedraggled  fears
The urge to float
drowns any resisting feathers
Sand on my soul 
blue sea around
Let me die
to live beyond the shore.

©Reena Prasad 18th Nov 2012

Walk no more

It wasn’t the end of the road
But we slowed down
hurriedly thinking of ways
to stretch out the tar
A fear
of stepping into the wild grass
disguised itself as unwanted pauses
between our obscure words
But breaths when rushed
tend to falter
dropping their oxygen sacks
And we entered the realms of silence
having dispensed with sound barriers
Forced to look at each otherin the eye,
we realized it was an unborn dream
The grass over our moldy slabs
waved wildly to the passing wind
And we lay back to wait
for the road had ended
long before we began.

©Reena Prasad 11th Nov 2012

Till death do us part

I worry endlessly

about my children

lying stuffed into books and musty diaries

unwilling to spoil the summer air

with their innate gloominess.

Will your hiding places be discovered?

Will you be pulled out trembling

into the bright sunlight

to be examined as evidence

for my alleged eccentricities

once I am no more a bodily barrier

between you and your nemesis?

I do not know but hope

no part of me will  be hanging around

to watch you die

none to love, none you can enthuse

uncherished mites of an unrequited passion

My world was never right for you.

©Reena Prasad 22nd October 2012

Songs of the sea

There time lay
like a beached whale

till green moss clambered into its ears
cutting off the ocean’s song midway

till the sea was brought up short
by the sand

Silent boats
drifted into the far haze
having no lifelines to spare

Hymns died within buried conches
Starfish defleshed into frail skeletons

Crabs crept into yielding hollows
to escape the gritty persistence of sand

Life ambled on
doing what it did best

Trapped sand grains
in calcified shells
daydreamed themselves into pearls

while watching the sky
sketch another ephemeral storm.

©Reena Prasad 23rd October 2012