Tread softly

9th DECEMBER, 2010

Tread softly
You step on a fragile heart
Trampled under love’s weight
A collage of drained promises, mangled by fate. 

Tread softly
These broken pieces are concealed awls.
Piercing through aberrant emotions
If crushed by heavy footfalls. 

Tread softly
For the shriveled soul may yet bleed
Unable to bear the familiar throes
Of unsynchronized love beats. 

Tread softly
Mindful of the besotted love shards
As the still smoldering embers
emit their final dying sparks. 

Tread softly
Silent lyrics float unrestrained
Oblivious to the reverberating echoes
Let hope linger in blissful ignorance again. 

Tread softly
Treacherous mires cover the earth
Subtle desire seeps into subdued hearts
When Love fights for a rebirth.

©Reena Prasad  Published in LOVE IN VERSES