Night, how can you close your eyes
when your love stands at the horizon
your radiance increasing by the hour
yet you veil yourself at the footsteps of dawn?

Day tiptoes in his eagerness
to catch a glimpse of your face
you kill your passion mercilessly
do you not die every day?

Hands extended across time, you are the darkness
bringing him solace
He carries the burning coals of the sun
and dreams about your velvet eyes

©Reena Prasad
Published in the anthology “With Love” Xpresspublications 2013
also at Destiny Poets UK  Link Here


The songbird

The bird begins to call
The urgency in every note
entering me through the closed windows
through the key holes of locked doors
taking me away from the present chaos
fading my protests into silence
forcing me to run out and see
if the gate has somehow opened
I leave the shelves undusted
forget about the bubbling broth in the pan
Pushing obstacles out of my way
pulling off the noose round my neck
that claims to make decorum stay
freeing myself from every snare
that causes the least delay
I run and run as a frenzy takes hold
when out I pant and catch my breath
the gate is still locked
and I hear the bird
now sing from within my heart.

©Reena Prasad
Published in ‘I am a poet’ Xpresspublications (2013)

One rain

As you walk in tonight’s mellow rain,
those wistful drops drip upon my shores
See each one burst into a thousand more
for hope could not remain confined to just one.

Will it remind you of another night
of a shared walk in the frazzled moonlight
when a fragile smile cracked into a thousand tears
for an ache could not be confined to just one?

Maybe it rains somewhere every night since that one
but the seasons have been gentle upon your heart
The familiar colours have dispersed into a thousand rainbows
for love could not perhaps be confined to just one.
©Reena Prasad
(published in “With Love” xpress publications) 2013

250 posts -a celebration!!

Here Goes Post no.251, not a poem but a picture of all the 10 books in which my poems have been published.
A big Thank You to all my friends and readers whose constant encouragement and blessings
motivate me to keep writing and blogging !!
Special thanks to Barry Mowles, Brian Wrixon, Cyberwit and Xpress publications for including my poems in all these Anthology collections! Love you all and God bless!!

A skewed panorama

Painting by Sankara Rao Bhatta

A skewed panorama

Never must we forget
what is etched now into the cornerstones of history
was once written on fragile canvases
by human hands like yours and mine.
Reins of kingdoms dropped on the way
picked up by sycophants of yesterday.
Sweetness of tongue splayed upon  pages
when flattery became a life-saving shame.
Golden palaces or termite hills
or a  shroud over decayed moral ills.
Benevolence and valour can even mean
nepotism and fantasia
translated in the mesmerising  glare of glittering bait.
The true image drowned by time’s waves
re-emerging as heroism in twisted tales.
May the book serve as a beacon
in showing us the path ahead.
We often err in hiding behind it
for it never was, a shield for cowards
nor a walking stick of strong credentials
to bear the weight of human follies.
Let the mellow pages instead teach
the lessons which time forgot
in classrooms in the refreshing shade of a banyan.
‘O’ Eternal breeze! Do open our inner eyes!

©Reena Prasad  Published in the anthology Indus Valley


Speeding ahead at full throttle

ignoring the blinding signals

flashing all over the horizon.

Not minding the howls of restraining wolves

Just moving ahead to hit the spray.

Insanity beckons, freedom snaps its knuckles

Rushing headlong into the falls

Neatly folded chapters flutter in the wind.

Knowing fully that the dash will end on the rocks

Yet powerless to stop the sway.

Gouging out the dormant demons

Pulling the tails of sleeping hounds.

Shaking the foundations of the card pack castle.

Inviting the tornado to tear out the pages bound.

Releasing the lava, packed under layers of dutiful clay.

Challenging the soul, mocking the vacuum

destroying the monotonous calm for ever

Aware that persecution and disgrace stand blocking the way

Will confessions soil the sanctity of the undeclared bond ?

The few forbidden words, will they spring forth today?

©Reena Prasad

published in the anthology “I am a poet” by Xpresspublications (2013)

The mirage in the desert


The faith is lost
Somewhere in the blowing sandstorms of the desert.
Every step erased or covered
Where two pairs of feet had left their prints.
No trace of life
anywhere in the distance
Only the occassional call of a lone bird
signalling an oasis somewhere.

Who were the lucky ones
that found the treasure trove?
I am just a candle flame
awaiting darkness as the gusts of winds blow.
The sands of time are heavy
They leave no relics
Oh, it is just as well

Signs of stirring life underneath
will do no good to them
Those that never touched the hot sands
What does shade mean to them?
If such be a life so lonely
well, never to have been born
Suffering in silence for ever
for no light can penetrate these dust storms.

©Reena Prasad
Published in the poetry anthology ” Change” by Xpress publications.