A walk to forget


The waves licked our feet
reminding me of resolute wings
pushing their feathers out through gaps
I had kept hidden

You pointed out the rocks with mossy hair
I saw a stream of clear water trapped in between
A small Gulliver in Brobdingnag

Behind us the sun fell
The darkness was no match
for your angry bewilderment
or my lack of colour within
©Reena Prasad

Published at The Camel Saloon

My last leaf

Striated heron (1)

The heron is back. Drops quiver at the edge of a wing
I am transfixed watching the last leaf fall yet again
I am the drop easily latching on to a strange feather
yet there is life in the depths for me even if I let go

I am swept by random waves into sandy cups of sea water.
Shells mark the grave where my last desire is buried yet there I will never lie.
I am the liquid surge of the unknown bursting into bloom on a temple tree
My wilderness burbling with distilled essences dances bough and root within me

I belong to the tender rain, the rogue sea, the ephemeral mist and the blossom-kissed tree
yet I am not destroyed by what holds me
unlike the big fish thrashing at the curve of a stabbing bill
My last leaf will never remember me
©Reena Prasad