SANCTUARY, an essay on poetry by Indian poet Reena Prasad “Poetry finds you when you are broken.”

This essay was originally published in the December 2016 issue of The BeZine. It is by Reena Prasad (Butterflies of Time – A Canvas of Poetry) and with her permission I share it here today.  …

Source: SANCTUARY, an essay on poetry by Indian poet Reena Prasad “Poetry finds you when you are broken.”


The Healing Power of the Arts is what I believe will be the factor which will keep us sane and able to bear the atrocities we see happening all around and which we can no longer ignore. Thank you Jamie Dedes for considering my small piece worthy to be published in the excellent BeZine. The amazing writers in this issue have given the best of themselves I feel and I am humbled to be a small part of this venture. DO read the whole magazine by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Poetry finds you when you are broken, insists on taking you into its fold, puts your pieces together and then you never leave. It struck me when I was standing at the doorway of my home one July th…

Source: Sanctuary

Writing to stay alive …

The Bezine’s Dec 2016 issue has my poem ‘Writing to stay alive.. “ in it. There is also one more poem and a small essay on this month’s theme which is The Healing Power of the Arts. G. Jamie Dedes has put in much hard work in compiling this end-of-the-year issue and I am grateful to her for giving me space among the very worthy and erudite writers in here.


I write on things I do not know about or know but can’t get to them or can get there but with lesser perfection or it may be perfect but I can’t live with such perfection so I make them…

Source: Writing to stay alive …

Duane’s PoeTree: Reena Prasad writes

Always a great honour to be at the one and only Duane’s PoeTree. Do read the commentary by Duane Vorhees in the comments by clicking on the link. That is the most interesting part of it.
Source: Duane’s PoeTree: Reena Prasad writes

Order cannot laugh

They sat in neat lines
heads turned towards the left
sitting as they were put
that wriggled its bottom
twiddled its thumbs
rocked on its bum
and created a disarray
forcing the tidy ones
to rearrange themselves
around the mess
in a bid to hide
the chaos
and the sore thumb
laughed secretly
then out loud
and was still laughing
when they threw it out
and formed a new order.
©Reena Prasad

December falls


wp-1481516356499.jpgWhy does December fall like rain?
A chest of tears collected over the year, bursts open
Dew slides off a million bent grass blades
and they become razors again

The year in repose lets down its hair
its feet heavy over the laughter
Hard hands blot out the moonlight
and the sunshine

Life gets stuck in frames
unable to change or move on
Gray smudges the black

Colour filters might enhance subdued cheeks
but Time, tired of its seasons, lies back
and lets the rain have its way
How it pours!

In its washed out silence
ruthless, unabated
We become cold victims
unable to make the sounds
necessary for living
©Reena Prasad