Move Out, I am in Love — Life in 10 Minutes

 I love you the way you wantwith no thunder and a faint, loverly light-a thatched hut’s lantern flicker to your fleeing night trainSoothing kohl in my eyes as I work my way up from the floorto reach for my prizeYour smoke rings swirl right through my lips, slightly partedto complete the

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Cooking Carrots . . . responses to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt

A beautiful collection of prompt based poems and I am so grateful to have mine among them. Thanks Jamie Dedes for this lovely gift! Iulia, Renee Espriu, Sonja Benskin, Paul Brookes and Kakali Das too share their take on the prompt A Puppet Dancing in the Dark


Such a wonderful mini-anthology of poems in response to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt, August 20, A Puppet Dancing in the Dark. Featured today are three poets new to the weekly writing prompt. They are Iulia Gherghei, Kakali Das Ghosh and Reena Presad and, since they are new to this activity, their photos and bios are included. Also this week are the remarkably productive Paul Brookes, Sonja Benskin Mesher and Renee Espriu. These poets are all experienced, smart, talented and devoted to this art.  It’s fun to see how differently they spin the prompt, though clearly they share some values.  Enjoy! and please support and encourage our poets with likes and comments and visits to their blogs.

Spinning Endlessly

We are spinning endlessly
Around the sun
A sun who
From time to time is hiding under the moon
Probably he is bored too
History, a book of tales
Bible, a book…

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aukcontraire | NO/WHERE

“AUK CONTRAIRE is a semi-quarterly zine published through The Auk’s Roost. Featuring poetry, art, essays, stories, comics, activity pages, music, video, recipes, and a whole lot of collages”
Feels great to have two poems in ISSUE 3, Theme: no/where
PAGES 32 and 51
Check out the entire Zine. Amazing collages ❤
The print issue was released on August 12th, 2017

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