Links to poetry journals and blogs

1. Angle Poetry Vol 2. issue 1. Spring/summer 2013
My Poems
1. Chimes and graffiti             Page -21

2. Call of the sea-2                   Page-46
A editoral mention too for chimes and graffiti

2. Nostrovia guest Blog
Poem – Mad

3. The Camel Saloon – My poems

1. Exploring silence
2. The secret garden
3. Flowering nights
4. Straws

4. Fragrance -online poetry magazine
* poem in June 2013 issue .. Acrostic flowers

5. First Literary Review-East

*’Strawberry Stains’ will be in the July issue and ‘Effects’ in the September issue
6. Acerbic Anthology
Poem- I cannot RIP

7. The Destiny Poets
24 poems till date
8. The Indian River Review Issue 2
A spring in tatters
9. The Bangalore Review Vol.1, Issue 9, Feb 2014
In commiseration
10. The Copperfield Review Summer issue, July 31st 2013
After chaos
When time walked away
11. The Rainbow Journal
Between us and nowhere
12. Thanal Online
The moor
Thanal Online
13. Indian Review
A Riparian Saga

14. Indian Ruminations

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