Paperback book links which have my poems


Link to Brian Wrixon’s Bookstore on Blurb.

The poetry of war and peace   by Brian Wrixon and a world of friends

My poems from Page No. 241–245
1. Earthsense
2. Inflections
3. Wake up

Words on the winds of change by Brian Wrixon and a world of friends
My poems from Page No. 240–243
1. Landfills
2. Under the mango tree
3. Resurrection
4. Akshayapatra

Tripping on words : A literary atlas   Brian Wrixon published on 17th April 2012

My poems from Page No. 144-147

1. Waiting for dawn
2. Homecoming
3. To a lone Kalavoor duck

The survivor’s guide to bedlam Brian Wrixon published on 24th May 2012
My poem on Page No. 293
1. The trainee

In the midnight hour- An anthology of horror poetry

Publishers- Dark night publishing

My poem– Macabre Falls

Link to the book –

The Glass warriors – By Renegade published 23rd June 2012
Link to kindle edition on Amazon

My poem on Page No. 42 – A special sunset

On the words of love, Brian Wrixon, published on 7th September 2012

My Poems on Pages- 258 and 263

1. On hold
2. Rose garden
3. Reflections
4. Fault lines

A Poet’s view of being, Brian Wrixon, Published on 16th October 2012

My poems on Pages 259-260

1. The curse(Accursed)
2. The unborn
3. Afternoon
4. Words

In our own words, Brian Wrixon  Published on 3rd March 2013
My poem ‘ Nests‘on Page 105

In praise, in memory, in ink,  Brian Wrixon published on 3rd Dec 2012
Pages 227- 229

1. My write up on Dad
2. Mother beautiful

A Haiku Treasury, Brian Wrixon published on 16th April, 2013

Page 160
5 haiku in this anthology

World healing World peace- A poetry Anthology
Poem-Give peace a chance


Lovelets to be released on June 1st 2013



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