NaPoWriMo 20: Tag

Tristram’s Starlings@ Salalah Oman                                     Pic©Reenaprasad

In a harsh sandstorm

A starling tags a sweet note

A dusty theme song
©Reena Prasad



NaPoWriMo 20 Mirror Mirror On The Wall

NaPoWriMo 20
Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
be not proud, there cometh a fall

Today your striped dress
of filtered sunrays
blows with the curtain, high
and in me a frayed noose sways

Your vinegar-wiped clarity
smirks at my form
huddled against the bed
and at my surfaces smashed
their broken bits
trying to regroup into

I will rise, my cold twin, from my fallen perch
and bloody your frosty mien
with a wee keek