Exchange Of Sorrows

800px-Combretum_indicum_01Why do I write
of flowers that bloom outside imaginary windows
of leaves cried by absent trees
of the stream that stays poised at the hilltop
in the wall painting
real to me as much as it might once have been
when it flowed into the artist’s veins
These don’t exist except in me
and I don’t want to without them in me
It is not easy to breathe in the odour of living
and to pump out life
though the punished potted plant does it all its life
The rooted ones want to chop off their lower selves
and imagine they will float upwards
The floating clouds drop rain seeds
hoping to latch on to a steady hearth
and clutch a gnarled claw worth of brown dirt
The homeless and the trapped
always in a troubled quest to be the other
not seeing that it would be just an
exchange of sorrows
©Reena Prasad

ICOP : ROLL OF HONOUR | Destiny Poets

ICOP : ROLL OF HONOUR | Destiny Poets.
“”A great start to the new year 2015″”
Thank you Louis Kasatkin and Destiny Poets, UK for selecting me as I.C.O.P Poet of the Year 2014. My gratitude to everyone in this great group and to all my friends especially Louis Kasatkin and my fellow poets who have always encouraged good poetry and writing by commenting and giving feedback on all the poems and other writings posted on this site. It is no easy task to keep such a large and active group motivated, even more so to keep tabs on and leave feedback for all the posts pouring in and astounding that such a list of honour can be compiled year after year. My pleasure to belong to this community of earnest and talented poets. Congratulations to every poet in all the three categories of the award!! Very happy to be here among good friends and great poets.


We are pleased to announce the names of the Winners and of those Highly Commended in our Annual International Community of Poets’ Awards ,now in their third year.
The three Awards Categories are ,for ; ICOP Poet of the Year ; ICOP Poem of the Year ; ICOP Faith-Centred Poet of the Year. Each of the Categories is listed thus,firstly the name of the Winner followed by the names of the Highly Commended tabulated alphabetically.

I.C.O.P. Poet of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Reena Prasad ****
*** HIGHLY COMMENDED **** are …** Rahul Aithal **….** Witty Fay **….** Iulia Gherghei **….** Ampat Koshy **….** Gopal Lahiri **….** Joel Ogunjimi **….** Jan Christian Sorensen **….** Nalini Srivastava **….** Neetu Wali **….

I.C.O.P. Poem of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Autism – Neetu Wali ****
**** HIGHLY COMMENDED **** are… ** Blank Diary – Maaya Dev **….** Fakery – Reena Prasad **….** Golden – Witty Fay **….** Not This Song Never – Marieta Maglas **….** (The) Picture – Sana Rose **…..** Seashell – Rahul Aithal **….** Weighed Against the Ashes and the Tears – Keith Wallis **….** Wild Meadows – Sunita Prasad **….** 1947 – Sarita Jenamani **….

I.C.O.P. Faith-Centred Poet of the Year 2014 :- **** WINNER :- Keith Wallis ****
**** HIGHL:Y COMMENDED **** are…. ** Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo **….** Maaya Dev **….** Elizabeth Hexberg **….** Jan Phillips **….** Tapeshwar Prasad **….** Ramesh Rai **….** Shamsner Singh **….** Lata Tewari **…** Sharon Elizabeth Walker **…..

Louis Kasatkin , Founder & Editorial Administrator

Monday , 5 January 2015 .

Fakery : Escaping the mirror

“The music will soon cease, the trapdoor will shut without a creak, the pied piper was never a friend”


The mirror was always enchanted
We have fought our way into it
to get whipped over what we desire most

The sunlight is polite
It stays behind brocades of heavy clouds
keeping away from illuminated beings

It is  the dark heat
sweltering in the trodden pavements
that now lines our thoughts

Burnt sockets
where eyes might have once
seen past the horizon of lack

An immaculate waist
A beautifully arched eyebrow
An angry sun tears at motherhood

We have picked up stray suns
that gnaw into our fabric
while we sweat

A beach album
snuffs out cheer from the lives of those
without suntan lotion

Envy eats us for breakfast
alarming us with the un-shareable
unenhanced, unsaturated images of our lives

Honey merely tastes like more malice
Greed branded as ambition
chews up the spaces between skin and soul

Somewhere in this voyage to One World,
our nights wade through rainforest tapestry
stripped of any fragrance

We hang on to sensory orbs
spinning past
our etched  lifelines

A giant advertisement
blots out the old sun
Give it a decent burial

From post to post let us run
Could there be somewhere
a better sun?

Goodbye to
…awkward pauses
There is always a key to depress

©Reena Prasad
” Fakery” was adjudged as Poem of the Month for August 2014 at Destiny Poets site. This was the original announcement as posted by Louis Kasatkin . Link Here

Louis Kasatkin Post authorSeptember 1, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for August 2014 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month :- ** Fakery :Escaping the Mirror – Reena Prasad **…In the Category of Highly Commended are the following ( tabulated alphabetically )…* Ballad of Pain – Basil Razack *…* Blues Rythm – Iulia Gherghei *…* Conflict – Rashmi Malapur *…* Dolphin Song – Rahul Aithal *…* Friendship – Saakshi Chanana *…* Humanity – Elizabeth Hexberg *…* Imagination – Neetu Wali *…* In and Out – Gopal Lahiri *…* Snatch and Devour,or Beg ? – Tasnia Dishi *…* The Coming Storm – Keith Wallis *…*The Turtle Butterfly – Nalini Srivastava *…* We Turn Into Us – Jan Christian Sorensen *… The ICOP CRITIC Bi- Monthly Award for July / August goes to Gopal Lahiri


The Annual Destiny Poets’ I.C.O.P. Awards : 2013

The Annual Destiny Poets' I.C.O.P. Awards : 2013.

Highly commended in two categories. Poem of the year and poet of the year. Many thanks to Louis Kasatkin who keeps the spirit of poetry alive and kicking with his constant endeavors in encouraging poets and good poetry. Proud to be a member of the Destiny Poets!



Night, how can you close your eyes
when your love stands at the horizon
your radiance increasing by the hour
yet you veil yourself at the footsteps of dawn?

Day tiptoes in his eagerness
to catch a glimpse of your face
you kill your passion mercilessly
do you not die every day?

Hands extended across time, you are the darkness
bringing him solace
He carries the burning coals of the sun
and dreams about your velvet eyes

©Reena Prasad
Published in the anthology “With Love” Xpresspublications 2013
also at Destiny Poets UK  Link Here


Natural fury

October 17, 2010

The clouds gather
A vast expanse of sea in the sky
The rumbles of discontent thunder
flashing angry looks of light.
Earth rising up to gather,
her beloved oceans in her arms
Howling winds storm about
Swirling dust forms whorls and rounds.
Mighty trees bang their heads.
Falling branches make a broken bed.
The rats and snakes form shaky bonds
Hiding in holes underground.
Over gorged rivers swell and pout
Muddy waters from the fields spout
Birds of every feather flee
The surface of earth in full fury
Gigantic mountains begin to nod
In rhyme and rhythm with nature’s glee
As she dances and claps her hands
Bringing an end to man’s greed.