An Analysis of Two of Dr. Santosh Bakaya’s Literary Pieces by Dr. Koshy A.V.

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Dr. Ampat Koshy’s Interview


Colors of Life

Today we have Dr Ampat V. Koshy with us. A man who writes poetry on everything, in my view he lives in poetry.

Let’s meet Dr Ampat V. Koshy…

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I often start from this point that I wanted to be a musician but since I am not good at it but at writing I try to make my writing nothing but pure music.


2. What is writing to you?

Writing is something very precious to me. It’s how I survive, or deal with the world, escape, treat myself, figure things out, show my passions, have fun, express myself, make love, make peace and also try to make a significant contribution to human beings and life. I was born and brought up in a very writing and language and word centred family which prized being good at it as a kind of premium thing to…

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Chennai is flooding/ Ampat Koshy


Ampat Koshy
December 4, 2015 · Bangalore, India.
With/to Prodipta PoPo Banerjee and all who ask me to keep writing
Poem dedicated to Reena Prasad


Chennai is flooding
In California a couple killed lots of people
I don’t know the why or what for but I know the end result
In Greece girls only seventeen are selling sex to strangers for just a sandwich
due to poverty
Women and girls are openly sold in the market by IS, it seems, as sex slaves
People indulge in self-justification of their own group
saying some in it are good and some bad
but vilify all in other camps
as if there this dual rhetoric does not apply
when even India has changed to ultra careful and totally confused
making students suffer for the sins of adults
Real writers are silenced everywhere by others or by depression
give up writing or are killed or threatened or commit suicide
but people still want me to write

But what do I write about, anymore?
The news weighs me down
atrocity after atrocity
occurs and is reported
as if personal tragedies were not enough to wrestle with
No one can afford, any longer, to bat an eyelid
Spare a second, write a poem
change the channel
care only for yourself
and your family, loved ones and friends
God is silent and does not exist, or allows it for reasons untold
and no one else interferes or cares

The theory of original sin seems to makes sense
The myth of heaven and hell makes even more sense

I want to write happy poems
to improve everyone’s quality of life
but nothing of the sort comes forth from my pen

Only sad songs

Better to relapse into silence
remain in silence
and pray for the sane ones
especially the children and the weak
to be kept safe
in these turbulent times
and just live out one’s own life
till one dies
the only certainty left to us in this time.
©A. V. Koshy

Igniting Key- Igniting poetical sensibilities

This calls for a celebration! Another good book has hit the stands-a book with an enviable collection of immensely readable poems by three poets with vastly different writing styles. Pramila Khadun from Mauritius, Reuel Prize winner and prolific poetess teams up with Dr A.V. Koshy, Pushcart prize nominee, critic, editor, poet and anthologist and Dr Bina Biswas, multilingual poet, translator, fiction writer and critic to bring forth this volume of exciting poetry.
Modestly priced at Rs.245/-, this book has an introduction by Fulbright scholar Ms. Michele Baron ( Links to her books are here A Modest Menu, A Holiday Carol ), A foreword by yours truly  and a blurb by Dr. Santosh Bakaya, Reuel Prize winner 2014, acclaimed poet and author of Ballad Of Bapu.
Published by Authorspress India.
Read my foreword here


Highly Recommended. Get your copy of Igniting Key HERE
Reena Prasad

Gallery of Reuel Prize Winners

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Keralite Writing in English-II | Literature DIY | Dr Ampat Koshy

 Enjoyed this article thoroughly. I have read almost all the poets and writers who find a mention here and as always I am amazed at the deft analysis and the broad yet comprehensive approach covering such a vast area and bringing it all together under the umbrella of subversive, different, unique and startlingly refreshing writing. Panjami Anand’s poem like many more of hers is superb, honest writing and she is sure to leave her mark in the annals of great writing. The article rocks as does its writer.

Keralite Writing in English-II | Literature DIY | Dr Ampat Koshy.

Fever and the Image Factory by Dr. A.V Koshy

Fever and the Image Factory

A poem by Dr. Ampat Koshy that sears with its depth and intensity of starkness. Thank you Sir, for the dedication.

Fever and the Image Factory – dedicated to my poetess friend Butterflies Oftime

Love resembles broken auk’s eggs
You broke my heart today
in the blue room
where the black rocks intruded
breaking in through the wall
with the backdrop of the
sound of crashing waves
Eggyolk spilled out sadly
as words, gooey,
slimy, sticky
made my fever rise
I felt pukish
‘You should not love me anymore
I do not need you anymore’
White words like the whites of our broken eggs
and the whites of my eyes when my pupils dilate
epileptic, my eyes rolled back
White insides of brown eggshells
littering the blue room
where I sat alone
and you went away
in a blue threat of a to be alcoholic hazy surf
breaking something
only tomorrow
may or may not repair
But does tomorrow
ever come?
© Ampat Koshy

In The Sandbox With Ampat Koshy: The Indian Connection!

Dr. A.V. Koshy,  poet , author, educationist, short story writer and critic gives his views on poetry, its essentials, what the readers look out for in modern day poems and the poetic voices on Facebook. It is an honour of the highest degree for me that Dr. Koshy has mentioned and posted an excerpt from one of my Fb poems as an example to illustrate his points. As an encouragement to keep writing better and to try and express in the best possible way, all that comes as poetry to me, there can be nothing more kind than this gesture which comes as no surprise considering his ability to inspire and his enthusiasm in encouraging and promoting what he considers as good and meaningful poetry. My humble thanks to Dr. Koshy and to Niamh Clume of Plum Tree Books for their constant support and their  tremendous efforts to keep great poetry alive and kicking.

Niamh Clune

Delighted to welcome Ampat Koshy onto the Plum Tree. He will be bringing Indian poets and their poetry to our attention. Thank you, Ampat for your great article!

With Koshy in the Sandbox

To talk of poetry in 2013, divorced from knowledge of movements in literary criticism and theory that were important in the 20th century like Russian formalism, structuralism, reader response and reception theory or modernist approaches like close reading, seems silly to me. (They were all analytically poetry centred.) This is because poetry seems to have peaked as a dominant discourse around then, still having the power to sway the mind of millions unified, unified by print, tape, record, TV and radio; not to mention movies.

Poetry has waned in importance since the second ‘world’ war in the West, though there continues to be significant poets, poems, and even a few famous schools or movements. The arrival of…

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