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The human fly on me!

Written for the picture prompt at bluebellbooks

“A disgruntled cowboy horse poem -I had fun turning tables .
Forgive me John Wayne and fans, it’s only a fun fable “

The human fly on me !


He sits on me as if I am a chair

digging  thorny hooves into my belly bare

His tight pants are surely starting to hurt

under his unwashed ‘n’ stinkin’  pink shirt.

Long, coiled ropes (here I smirk ‘n’ neigh)

perhaps to hang himself one fine day.

I have had enough of his jiggling bum

bouncing about, clutching a smoking gun.

Little does he know, the swaggering fool

thinking himself to be pretty cool

Doesn’t he know I have not been fed

and another gun-totting, smoking fly lurks ahead?

He is very soon going to land up dead

with that funny plate still  on his head!