GloMag June 2016

My poem ‘Iceberg’ has been included in Glomag June 2016 issue. The poem is on page 69-71. I am posting it here. Do read the full issue by clicking on the pic or links below


Translucency creeps, a worm under my skin
I look pointedly at the road lest the flush give me away

The road climbs a hill
I follow
knowing it leads to the same block of ice
A sheer drop waits on the other side
I have floated here before
The iceberg of death waits for another sun to embed itself

Eyes follow the flight of a lone falcon
The continuous motion of wings
up- down up-down
Chooose now
Sky or earth for you?

I become the dice thrown from some sky
Shuffle, shake and let go

Caught between the sheer joy of a momentary union
much awaited
and the terror of losing a familiar terrain
to glaciatic currents, I stand poised
consolidating the moment
ready to dive into death of only one kind

The elements have stopped time
Which way will this human dice fall?
A gamble thrills
A cat licks its paw

Zephyrus, don’t catch me
Set me free for once
I am too cold to fit into your realms
colder than the floating bed of ice
©Reena Prasad

GloMag is the coming together of poets in their diverse manifestations, thoughts, and expressions – and the visual interpretation of these.

Source: GloMag June 2016