NaPoWriMo 18 : Joie de vivre

pic credits : Reenaprasad, Al Baleed , Salalah

The last poem

And when the earth gave a mighty heave
and rested its last unbroken piece
on a jagged cliff, a sift occurred

Poets being more surefooted than the rest
were left on the narrowest of ledges
“Bring your best poem, only one. The best”
came the cry,
“See that red world floating on the ocean
that is where the best will survive!”

And I threw myself into the blue sea
for a poem you had made me
and within me were a thousand poems
of yours, each one the best
written with your breath
and there wasn’t between them
any comparison or enmity

What joie de vivre was in that fall!
The splash drenched this world
where I lay dreaming
©Reena Prasad