Kaafiya Milaao with Kamala Das

Kaafiya says.
It’s always our pleasure to read all your poems in our Friday #KaafiyaMilaao (Hindi and English) Sessions. Happy to share a poem by Reena Prasad from the English session as a token of love. Keep loving us. Happy #KaafiyaMilaao”

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The full poem is shared below

#KaafiyaMilaao with Kamala Das

How can my love hold him?
He slips through my untuned strings

His song, a bubble at first
turned into a serenading storm
It caught sunbeams in its net,
floated with fireflies at dusk
and spun rosettes around my thoughts
It latched on to the swing of the wind
curved around rainy hills
and then let itself go
in a free fall
over the sheer drop of the cliff
humming with its ebbs of bliss
prying open seashell lips
sweeping the sand
with its longing
Weeping at the silver sliver’s

Etching its lyrics in the ether
it soared, pirouetted and bowed out
in silence

In silence
I collected my pieces from where they
were flung
trying to follow
my pied piper into his song
He is a tempest born of an ocean
How can my love hold him?
©Reena Prasad