To Death


To Death
I know you never went away
You are at the corner where the pines sway
But I will never turn that way

In the last train compartment, you wait
The final whistle, a flag waves a green bait
But I will never turn that way

Eyes in memories plead, love mirrored I see
time and again they say we are meant to be
But I will never turn that way

Your despair gathers its forces storming my sky
Grounded, my earthing begins to lug me up

But I will never turn that way
Life loves me, within me, lives everyday

Parting isn’t easy

©Reena Prasad


Loyal to Life


Loyal to life
I have never learnt to divide
and I refuse to believe
there are none handicapped like me
but where are they?
I have never been ‘flexible’ in my loyality
Have never been pushed to a wall
Never had a gun put to my head and asked to choose
or to shoot
But if ever I had to
Was forced to make a choice
between ‘us’ and ‘them’
whoever it be on the ‘other’ side
I would be dead
before any innocent could die because of me
Where I am
there are people all around
just people, mere living beings
no boundaries
All these deaths
Such a ghastly disrespect for life
Surely there was One who could kill himself
before he let his hands kill another?
©Reena Prasad



Struggling to hold on to life
is a sapling, stamped upon by life, by neglect,
by the relentless flow of time
over its tender fingers

It bends over in pain
It squirms in agony
pushed and buried under stones
yet at the touch of a drop of rain
it springs back to life

 forgetting the past
forgetting the nightmares
forgetting itself, its fragility
in the joy of being still alive

©Reena Prasad


The platform

Another train speeds by
 A lone figure on a shaky plank laughs
 at no one in particular
 A hurtling body
Voices and words, spilling egos
All rushing past.

A rock underneath trembles
 as a tremor of delayed reason
 tears through makeshift shelters of covert emotions
 Pebbles embedded in fake, golden fetters
 fall in unison
 dislodged by staunch yet unfulfilled logical quakes.

Time extends sensible propositions
 for ploughing through the playing fields-
 now a furrowed moss of accumulated disguises
 Discomfiture no longer lacing the offset
 of a sudden erosion-much needed, long awaited
 Mental monoliths crumble
 revealing termite-eaten driftwood
 as the next consignment of fake worlds shudders by.

A clamour to reach Tomorrow at speeds insane
 forgetting the lush fields on either sides of Today
 Nicks made by Time pinned as medals
 on chests that have lost their hearts
 Collections, exhibitions
 to one who has jumped off the speeding train.

 ©Reena Prasad

A different winter

A different winter

Moving uphill, a wan sun trips over frozen avalanches
melting their fury into rivulets
warming the grazing sheep on the hillside

Bonfire nights spark tender moments
Old haunts revisited in the company of older friends
Smells of warmth baking in shared kitchens

Fledging bonds stir alive, dignity nourishes older ones
Leisurely late-night chats, giggles under warm covers
passing warmth from wrinkled cheeks to chubby ones

Keeping the cold gale at bay is yet another hopeful day
The ice may not melt any sooner, no reason to postpone living
Snow is merely a blanket covering the floral mats of spring

©Reena Prasad
Published in Brian Wrixon’s Winter Poetry anthology. LINK HERE

Rush (Autopost)


to brush teeth or just swirl with Listerine
A crow-bath, a gulp of gooey oats
Rush, time is flying
Write fast, read fast, play really fast
Whoever runs faster gets to run more.


Rush to catch the train, bus, or the girl
Skim over lives reduced to deleted data
languishing in recycle bins of cyberworld
Why mind the tail-wagging dog
He is not your boss!
Swallow the burning hot tea
A singed mouth can even help
in keeping small talk at bay.


Hurry up son, Mom has to go
swallow your Maggi noodles
let me finish your homework
Do not waste time in thought
rush to bed
jump headlong and
NEVER dare to dream
but wake up early
books still wait
you got to mug up some more.



Trees are obstacles
Rain is a nuisance
Flowers are allergens
Sun is carcinogenic
Kids are burdens
Air is toxic
Earth is a fairy-tale.


Childhood gone
leaving vestiges of loss
A feeling of being torn
from a mother’s warm lap
Youth brokenly follows
trying to keep pace
with hordes of tie -choked guys
gallivanting with speed-balls
leaning on Crystal Meth
when wings fails to materialize
never noticing how closely
it rhymes with death.


Marry into money dear!
they have faster cars
The forward button is now almost a depression.
Doctor needs a vacation, he is human too
borrow God’s liberties
fast forward births
Baby -don’t crawl
It is speedier to run.


When every one has had enough
they end up still in bed
rushing through life
blind and deaf
to jump off the precipice


Searching for the back button on the remote
are you now?