NaPoWriMo 2 : Nymphea

Water lily ©Reenaprasad



Once a water nymph, too tired to float
Slept and sunk down to the rocks
and rose with an unquenchable thirst
dreaming the sun had fallen into her folds

She glowed, her blue turning luminescent
The waters around her irresistibly iridescent
The sun too slept in that depths of her dream
Did he slip or was deliberate his descent?

The blue nymph zealous upon guarding her gold
Proudly displayed her catch to one and all
As dusk fell, she trusted none and grew her own leaves
And sunk again beneath the water, the gold folded away safely

They call her Nymphea, a water lily that glows
Unaware that she captured her gold in a dream
One so bright that it rivals the sun’s own rays
A dream in blue with jacanas on her gold-tinted leaves

Do we too not beam in our dreams
carry the secret glow for hours afterwards
and sink below the surface of sleep after dusk
to retrieve the gold that we found in our deeps?

© Reena Prasad