NaPoWriMo 20: Tag

Tristram’s Starlings@ Salalah Oman                                     Pic©Reenaprasad

In a harsh sandstorm

A starling tags a sweet note

A dusty theme song
©Reena Prasad



NaPoWriMo 19 : Rara avis

00011 (1)
African Paradise flycatcher@Wadi Darbat , Salalah, Oman                        Pic ©Reenaprasad

Rara avis


I see no stones in my path to you
even though stone courtyards abandoned
by a forgotten race
these seem to be

All I see
is a rara avis take flight
from between the pages of a book
An avian lover’s delight
He soars, dips and

on the branch
before me
©Reena Prasad