Autumn Resurrected

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Autumn resurrected

The path turned away from the bustle of life
We halted, finally alone with the tall trees
The floor, a striped carpet of sun and shade
Around us an orange rain of leaves
You kissed my hands, gently pushed me down
A replay of a younger season
In your dark eyes, a scented image lurked
Of green mangoes and silver-belled strings

I want this scene to break its waters
even if it leaves me irrevocably broken
So there I am under the tall trees
caressed by a vagrant breeze
but it seems this you cannot bear
You are on your knees shoveling furiously
till the assonance of twin coral-crested baubles
beneath a leaf-bejeweled corset
dissolves your peace

I stretch and fill my autumn grave
deliriously content to be slaughtered
by skin, breath and unrestrained vigor
my back cushioned by purple heather
A delicate conspiracy of creation
murmuring its delight in my ears

That was then

Not long now
before you join me under the forest floor
A space waits alongside my imprints
A space to which I sometimes flee
to make sure you haven’t reached
before my time is breeched

Our spring has spilled over several seasons
I am a wistful bloom minus her green sepals
You juggle wildfires-a defiant breeze
whenever we meet
I try to hold on to my cast-off skins
But you devour each one, my fanged king
leaving me bare
A tree birthing itself every autumn
©Reena Prasad

Published in Brian Wrixon’s Autumn Anthology- the last of the set of season anthologies to be out in a day or two.

Winter Poetry by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry

Winter Poetry by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books.
Thank you Brian Wrixon for this beautiful Christmas release . Three poems of mine in this deliciously fresh and invigorating book on pages 115-117.
Click on book pic. to read the e-version.
1. A winter’s tale
2. A different winter

1. A winter’s tale

Tread gently. Here sparrow feathers of memory are tousled
by a cool breeze. A lukewarm sun hovers; a smile on the wintery grass
Time pauses letting thoughts play hopscotch
this was where the lines merged and a flat stone landed smoothly
A fallen flower releases its petals but there is no sadness here
Abandoned reason wanders flicking dewdrops off green stalks
The still street lies in wait but the dust has settled in for a lifetime
The shadows lengthen every hour, fading into the familiar dust
The stone once kicked from school to home is a frozen blob of apathy
The ghost of a winter still welcomes but the pale parchment of a mind
couldn’t weather any more frosts.

2. A different winter

Moving uphill, a wan sun trips over frozen avalanches
melting their fury into rivulets
warming the grazing sheep on the hillside

Bonfire nights spark tender moments
Old haunts revisited in the company of older friends
Smells of warmth baking in shared kitchens

Fledging bonds stir alive, dignity nourishes older ones
Leisurely late-night chats, giggles under warm covers
passing warmth from wrinkled cheeks to chubby ones

Keeping the cold gale at bay is yet another hopeful day
The ice may not melt any sooner, no reason to postpone living
Snow is merely a blanket covering the floral mats of spring

3. Frozen

Cold dew sprinkled on fallen leaves
I lie under them, a memory cloak around me
Squirming, pushing away the snow
trying to find the door behind which a fire beckons
the orange vision scorching my frozen toes
It dangles tantalizingly near then disappears
Another round of leaves fall and I sleep
My search silenced by winter’s glee

By Reena Prasad

Heavens Above Poetry Below by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books

Mankind has always been intrigued by the wonders found in the night sky. In this intensely powerful book of poetry, sixty-one members of the international writers’ group, Poets with Voices Strong, share their feelings about how the Heavens Above impact them and their Poetry Below.

via Heavens Above Poetry Below by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books.
Three poems of mine in this lovely anthology by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books. Many thanks to Brian Wrixon for his untiring efforts.

A Haiku Treasury by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books

In this beautifully illustrated book of poetry, 77 members of the international writers’ group “Poets with Voices Strong” turn their hands to the intricacies of haiku. 5 of mine are here too. Thank you Brian Wrixon.

via A Haiku Treasury by Poets with Voices Strong: Poetry | Blurb Books.

A Poet’s View of Being | By Brian Wrixon & Poets with Voices Strong

A Poet’s View of Being | By Brian Wrixon & Poets with Voices Strong | Category: Poetry | Blurb.

This is the 10th anthology from the Facebook group” Poet’s with voices strong” and I am happy that 4 of my poems are featured in it. But what makes me extremely happy is that Brian Wrixon has dedicated this 10th book to my mentors, gurus and firm friends – Dr Ampat Koshy and Dr Madhumita Ghosh ! My poems are on Page 259.