NaPoWriMo 9 : Cul-de-sac



How cruel I feel
when you let go of the rigid jawline
in the softness of sleep
Your cheek curving up in a dream
Your chin prickly
tattooing an imprint
on my arm
You forget that deplorable vow
of willful insouciance
and breathe your wants into my skin

Cruel because I am awake
able to decipher your body language-
hieroglyphics that conceal
dust devils of unspoken emotions
so formidable that it
latches on as blotches to my retina

and you sleep in a cul-de-sac of dreams
while I quietly transfer the ripples
your warmth evokes in me
dissolving the last resistance
of lazily erected billboards of protest
to the scattered vermillion
being sprinkled over the quiet blue sky
signaling the turn of our love-street
into yet another cup-de-sac day

where you will measure and weigh
every word and gesture
before you let me have a peep
but till then
let me gather you in and sleep
©Reena Prasad


Light of the world

Does the sun go home
sweeping his golden robes
over the darkening navy blue ?
His warmth stays behind to comfort
the little feathered ones waiting in nests
for their suns to come home
Black-winged silhouettes in the orange dusk
too succumb to primitive homecoming instincts
when the darkness looms like a large demon
abruptly blotting out the lively cacophony of day.

Only a few brave crickets incessantly chirp
amidst green hedges, secure in their holes
What they say only the sleepless care
The rest listen to circadian rhythms
as the streets turn into alleys grim
where vague shadows of inner dread eerily loom
A pale queen too has settled into her niche
sprinkling a tired world with healing dust

Leaving it to lick its wounds in the lap of night
The sun goes around yet another bend
and rises with undiminished splendour
to light up yet another million lives
in some other worlds
still floundering in the dark
For he who has never seen a night
can never sleep.
©Reena Prasad
Published in the anthology “Heavens above poetry below”  2013