GloMag July 2016

GloMag is the coming together of poets in their diverse manifestations, thoughts, and expressions – and the visual interpretation of these.

Source: GloMag July 2016

Glory Sasikala deserves all the credit for her painstaking compilation of yet another glowing issue of GloMag. She has been kind enough to include my poem’ Soul Thirst’ and even to find a complimenting image to go with it. Thank you Glory for your benevolence and love. The preface to this issue is by Lakshminarayan Nariangadu.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.12.12 AM

Reena Prasad GloMag July 2016

Soul Thirst

Knitted word webs
Extensions of your deft fingers
but with roots in base desires

An ancient being sprouts feathers
Familiar shapes within the filigree
A remembered thirst lives
sunk deep into dried up streams
when possession was not a requisite
to love

My leaves droop on their own
It is afternoon
in the land of ardour
Keep stamping out red ants
from under your trees
but apathy of a soul is final

Let those perfect words
fly into space and
find cosmic slashes
deep enough to cement
but assuage my thirst first
Lend me a soul to drink deep from
©Reena Prasad

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