GloMag November 2016 – Page 194

‘REVISITING’ finds a home in this beautiful November 2016 issue of GloMag.

GloMag is the coming together of writers in their diverse manifestations, thoughts, and expressions – and the visual interpretation of these. – Page 194

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Duane’s PoeTree: A. V. Koshy responds

An interview worth reading…and rereading.

Too many poets follow trends and write only stuff they think is modern or publishworthy but here is someone very comfortable with experimentation, with creating eminently readable poetry and poems that push our understanding of what poetry can be. Thanks so much Duane Vorhees for shining a light on one of the finest in our midst.

and I am mentioned in there!! Yay! 🙂


Source: Duane’s PoeTree: A. V. Koshy responds

‘Untagged’ in GloMag Sept 2016



I do not remember
the things you said to me
about me, for me
I keep no tabs, no written words
no saved files, no cut-copy-paste replicates
nothing to prove their existence
and ruthlessly level any secret hollows
where they might creep in unnoticed
and with passion, couple

Still they survive
curling up into tender silences
when we meet
stretching out the little time between us
into valleys
®Reena Prasad

Don’t Play Along

dsc08487The edge of the bed
No more dreams
Too much of giving
The unspent mile hurts

I wouldn’t know
How could I
Gaping at bursts of green
while an ocean bursts
Bring out the bottles, no more time
Soak in the sun, run down the line
They see you sing, they smirk, they drink
then belt out your words
and strum something

It is you they play upon
It is me, your song tells it all
Then they go home leaving you alone
and cry themselves to sleep
All alone

All alone, do you not see
All of us
The way it has always been
The edge of the bed
No more dreams
The guarded mile hurts
Let it go its way
Just the edge of the bed
I cannot belong
This is no life
This is a sad song