The Circus IS In (My ?) Town

Loud red petals on a white bedspread
An opaque stain on a river flowing insane
mindless noise is music here
Sickle-shaped ears flap to loudspeaker notes
Cupped hands scooping the remnants of a city’s dignity
and hurling it at the sky
amidst loud claps of hilarity
Gigantic aluminum vessels rattle
ready for the gruel-ing evening
Feathered dancers strut on streets
to reaffirm this is a pantomime
The hullaballoo crowd on high platforms drone on
high with all the sniffing
at the odour of a chair’s still warm seat
though their lifelines refuse to extend anymore
Black microphones jut into nostrils
of anyone who wants to yawn
In far flung places
Mallus bond with perfect strangers
in their eagerness to perform another group autopsy
Another ‘pooram’
in the city of hidden gold
and thieving gods
All I can think of this circus is
it is just that
or a pongala offering by the unemployed male populace
The Kathi Shajis, Ambalamukku Bijus, Vadivaal Velus and pocket adi Pappus
having a samsthan sammelanam under full police protection
to rival the Guinness record of their women folk
All at peace till the first shove
©reena prasad
12th aug 2012

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